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Valley of the Domes
by Leem

A Pygmalion Syndrome 5th Anniversary Story

I’ve previously written a series called Flotsam, which was very loosely based on concepts from Margaret St. Clair’s 1953 story Thirsty God. In St. Clair’s story a man is irreversibly paralysed by alien machinery, but he really doesn’t enjoy what happens next. This story is closer to the original Thirsty God concept, but the outcome for my heroine is much more pleasant, if not entirely consensual.

PS: You may have noticed that this story’s title is a pun on something or other...!

Domes of shining crystal; beautiful, enigmatic and totally frustrating.

We’d been observing the valley of domes for tens of days, and it remained as mysterious as ever. All we knew was that the domes were somehow important to the locals, even though the locals couldn’t possibly have built them.

From orbit we’d counted 439 domes. They were scattered about a shallow U-shaped valley, about two hours’ walk from the nearest village, and as far as we could tell they were found nowhere else on the planet. Each dome was a perfect hemisphere with a radius of just over six cubits, composed of an unknown crystalline material that shimmered with iridescence by day and glowed with ever-shifting colours by night.

That was all we knew about the domes. The locals might have been able to tell us more, but to date we had found it impossible to get any information out of them.

We’d been trying to make contact with the locals ever since we landed, but had been frustrated at every turn. It was not that they were hostile; they never made any threatening or aggressive moves toward us, and we always tried to make ourselves appear non-threatening to them. Yet no matter what we did, they would always shy away from our presence. They even tried to avoid all eye contact with us. After all this time we hadn’t even been able to study enough of their language to produce a working translation program.

They made no attempt to prevent us from studying their homes or their artifacts, but it obviously made them nervous to see us touching or even looking at their things, so now whenever possible we just scanned their possessions from a discreet distance.

The planet had an extremely hospitable climate and might have been suitable for colonisation if it hadn’t been for the hordes of ferocious predators and venomous insectoids that inhabited almost every continent. It was only here, on this big island in the southern temperate zone, that the local fauna didn’t keep trying to kill us. Not surprisingly, the island was the only place with intelligent lifeforms.

The locals were a humanoid race, slightly shorter and stockier than humans because of the planet’s higher gravity. Their skin was pale green in colour, mottled with darker green spots down their backs and legs, and they had fine, downy green hair. There were some inevitable and predictable jokes about not-so-little green men, and considerable speculation about whether they might actually be related to humanity somehow.

They lived by a combination of hunting and farming and had developed a highly sophisticated culture given the limitations of their pre-bronze-age technology. One thing they had not developed, however, was clothing. That, combined with the fact that they were openly affectionate with each other and seemed to have very few sexual taboos, led the crew, myself included, to come up with lots of colourful fantasies about cross-species mating.

Given the locals’ shyness toward us, the chance of ever fulfilling those fantasies was vanishingly remote, even if regulations had not forbidden “fraternisation” with alien species. Although had the locals been willing, the crew might have seen fit to overlook those regulations. Since they were not, all we could do was fulfil our fantasies as best we could with each other.

We had taken lots of vids of the locals’ mating practices - claiming that they were purely for research purposes - and whenever we had a spare moment we would view them with our chosen “research partners” and do our best to imitate them.

“If only they’d open up to us, Risha,” I sighed. “Our species could learn so much from each other.”

“It’s just a matter of time, Selen,” she said, gently stroking my bottom. “All we have to do is try to be patient. There’s only so much a dozen people can accomplish in a short time.”

I sighed again. “I suppose so. I just wish they wouldn’t keep shying away from us. I wish they’d make love to us without inhibitions, like they do to each other.”

Then we watched the vid again and pretended we were the locals making love to one another without inhibitions. The locals were astonishingly inventive, and we’d learned lots of exciting new techniques from them, which meant that we didn’t get much sleep that night, even though we had to be up early the next day.

Next day, after dragging ourselves out of bed and downing some strong coffee, Risha and I followed some of the locals to the valley at a discreet distance. The valley was stony and windswept, with only a few scrubby bushes dotted here and there. Nobody in their right mind would go there unless the domes contained something really important. As I mentioned, it took at least two hours to reach the valley, which meant whatever was in the domes was important enough to the locals to warrant a round trip of four or more hours, and each of them took the trip at least twice in each tenday.

We’d seen the domes from orbit but hadn’t been able to scan them, since the crystal blocked all of our sensors. We had thought that they might be some kind of natural geological formations, but the moment we came over the ridge and saw them up close we knew that they had to be artificial.

We also saw that leading to each dome was a rutted track. The tracks looked as if they had been worn into the stone by bare feet, but if that were so it would have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Concealed within our stealth cloaks, our scent carefully masked, we watched as the locals approached the domes. From time to time they looked around nervously as if they could sense our presence despite all our precautions. Then each of them approached a different dome and disappeared inside.

How they got in was a mystery since as far as we could see, none of the domes had any visible openings.

Once the locals were inside we gingerly approached one of the domes and tried to see inside. The crystal was translucent, but its surface constantly shimmered with multicoloured reflections, making it hard to make out anything in the dome’s interior. We caught a vague glimpse of something moving inside but it was impossible to tell what was happening.

We put our ears to the dome as well, but it was equally impossible to hear anything except a low-pitched humming. It might have been a hum of power, but we’d never detected any trace of electromagnetism or radioactivity coming from the domes.

Of course we looked all around the dome for an entrance, and of course we didn’t find one. We pushed and shoved at the crystalline surface, leaned against it gently, and even kicked it in frustration and it never yielded so much as a hairsbreadth. We ran our bare fingers over it to try and find any subtle surface features that might betray the presence of a door or at least an opening control, but it was perfectly smooth. We even tried climbing on top, but to no avail. Six or seven other domes all gave us the same result.

“This is ridiculous,” gasped Risha, leaning against the last dome we had tried. “It’s almost as if whoever built the domes didn’t want us to find out what they’re for.”

“Well, one thing’s sure,” I replied. “Whoever did build them was a lot more advanced than the locals. We’ve never met a species that could build anything like them.”

Risha looked thoughtful. “Well, that begs the question: did the dome-builders actually make them for the locals, or did the locals just find them and decide to use them for...whatever it is they’re using them for?”

That got me thinking. “Maybe they’re some kind of entertainment centres,” I suggested. “After all, if someone from a primitive tribe saw a holovid she might think it was a message from the gods, mightn’t she?”

“You mean the locals might be watching some alien equivalent of domestic dramas or sports and trying to fathom the meaning of life from them?”

“Maybe even a weather channel. Who knows?”

“It’s a cute idea,” Risha admitted. “But if it is something like that, why are the domes sealed against us?”

“Maybe it’s a premium service. We’re just not subscribers.”

Risha sighed. “All this speculation’s getting us nowhere. I just wish we could get inside the damn domes so we could find out what they’re really for.”

She kicked the dome again, with no more result than before. It was lucky she was wearing tough boots.

With another sigh she sat dejectedly against the dome. “It’s just so frustrating,” she said. “We’re the first people who’ve ever had a chance to study alien technology up close, only we can’t study it because it won’t let us. I just feel like someone’s playing a really rotten trick on us.”

I sat beside her and gave her a hug, and we spent a little while smooching. We had thick jackets and leggings on, and it was too cold to remove them, but by loosening our belts a little and slipping off our gloves we were able to slip our hands inside and fondle each other’s breasts and labia.

“Mmm...suppose...the locals...see us?” said Risha.

“Don’t...ohh...worry,” I replied. “They’ll...be...occupied in...aah...the domes...oh, yesss...for hours...yet. And anyway...ooo...what would they...mmm...do if...aah...they did...find usOOOOOOOOOHHHHHhhh...?”

Or words to that effect.

We’d forgotten that our communicators were permanently open for security. It was only when we heard Captain Alshan’s voice in our earpieces that we realised the whole crew might have been listening in.

“Sorry to interrupt your important business, ladies,” he said, “but the orbital scanners have picked up something strange on the south side of the valley and we’d like you to take a look.”

Hastily adjusting our clothing and donning our gloves, we made our way to the southern end of the valley.

“We don’t see anything different,” I said. “Just a bunch of domes, like the rest of the valley.

“Take another look, Selen,” said Alshan. “I think you’ll find there’s something different about the ones nearest to you.”

It took us a while to figure out what he meant, but then Risha spotted it.

“Hey, look,” she said. “These domes don’t have any ruts leading to them.”

“You got it,” said Alshan.

“But that means...either the locals have been avoiding these ones for some reason, or...

“Unlikely,” interrupted Risha. “As far as I’ve been able to make out, the locals visit all of the domes in turn.”

“Well then, there’s only one explanation. These domes are new!”

“Right,” replied Alshan. “The scanners picked them up a few hours ago. Where there used to be 439 domes, there are now 451.”

Risha said, “But that means...whoever or whatever built the domes is still around.”

“But the original domes may be thousands of years old,” I pointed out. “Even if whatever built them is still functioning, what made it suddenly decide to build more at this particular ti...”

And then I was silenced by a sudden realisation.

“Oh, shit,” I breathed.

“What is it?” chorused Risha and Alshan.

“Don’t you see?” I said. “The new domes appeared soon after we arrived. And if that coincidence isn’t suspicious enough, try counting them. There were 439, but now there are 451. How’s your mental arithmetic?”

They thought about it for a moment, and then Risha’s eyes widened and there was a muffled curse over the communicator.

“Twelve new domes,” breathed Risha.

“And there are twelve of us,” I said.

“Um...I think we’d better leave,” said Risha.

“Right,” I replied. “If the new domes were built because of our arrival there’s no telling what they might do to us.”

Alshan had obviously drawn the same conclusion. “Attention all crew. Attention all crew. We are pulling out. I repeat, we are pulling out. All hands return to the ship immme - ”

Then there was silence.

“Alshan? Captain? Can you hear us?”

There was no reply.

“Hello,” we called. “Can anybody hear us? Anybody at all?”

The communicators were dead. Risha and I couldn’t even contact each other’s. They looked as if they were working properly, but something seemed to be blocking the signals.

“That does it,” said Risha. “We are definitely getting out of...wha...?”

Risha was trying to walk, but her feet didn’t seem to be touching the ground.

“Selen! What’s happening?” she cried.

There was a faint shimmering around her body as if something semi-invisible were surrounding her. I wanted to help her but the same thing seemed to be happening to me. I couldn’t feel anything holding me up, yet I was floating a finger’s breadth above the ground, unable to approach her.

“It must be the builders,” I said. “They’ve made the domes for us and now they’re going to put us in them.”

Sure enough, Risha was being carried inexorably toward one of the domes. Her struggles were futile.

“Selen,” she cried as the dome began to absorb her feet, “I lo - ”

And then she was gone, swallowed up by what had appeared to be solid crystal. I couldn’t see what happened next because it was my turn to be swallowed by another dome.

I love you too, Risha, I thought.

It was ironic. When we wanted to enter the domes we couldn’t, but when we wanted to avoid them we were forced to enter.

I seemed to be floating through an endless sea of thick, gelatinous resin. I didn’t understand what was happening, or how. The walls of the dome could not be more than a hand’s breadth in thickness, yet I seemed to drift through the viscous fluid for hours, seemingly without needing to breathe.

Finally, though, I emerged into air. I was inside the dome.

The semi-invisible shimmering was still surrounding and supporting my body. It carried me gracefully into the centre of the dome and then stopped. My feet weren’t touching the crystalline floor, but were floating about a finger’s breadth above it.

Now what? I thought. Am I a prisoner in here?

I was naked. Somehow my clothing and equipment had been removed as I passed through the sea of gelatine. Had it been destroyed or taken elsewhere for analysis? There was no way to know.

Anyway, here I was. I had finally made it into the dome, just like I wanted.

To be honest I was slightly disappointed. There were no fantastic alien artifacts or treasures. There was not even an alien holovid receiver as I had suggested. The interior was completely empty, and the floor and dome interior were composed of featureless, smooth crystal. But the overcast sky was refracted through the dome into a spectacular kaleidoscope of ever-shifting colours. It was beautiful and more than a little hypnotic.

It might just have been the hypnotic lighting, but I was feeling good. Better than good, in fact. I felt wonderful. I felt I could take on the universe singlehandedly and win.

I felt as if I could do anything, anything at all....

Until I tried to move my arms.

There was no response. They remained motionless at my side.

Oh, gods, I thought.

I tried to move my legs. They wouldn’t respond either.

The shimmering was somehow blocking my voluntary locomotor nerves, rendering my entire body inanimate. No matter how I tried, there was not the slightest tremor of movement.

The illusion was cruelly shattered. I couldn’t do anything. My body had never felt so intensely alive, and yet it was locked in a living death.

So I was a prisoner, and so was poor Risha, and soon so would Alshan and all the others be.

They might try to escape into space, but the shimmering things would find them and drag them back down to the planet and put them in their own comfortable little domes, where they would remain alive and healthy and paralysed for...how long?

The older domes were hundreds of years old, if not thousands. The new domes would surely last for at least that long.

Meaning that we were going to remain paralysed for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

Oh, gods!

Trapped in the domes, we would never again see trees, or hear birdsong, or do any of the million other things we had always dreamt of.

We were going to be immortal - yet lifeless.

And what about the 439 older domes? Were they also occupied? Did they contain 439 intelligent beings who had spent hundreds or thousands of years in this helpless state?

And what about the locals? What did they get out of it? They’d been visiting the domes for all those centuries. What was their incentive to travel for hours across inhospitable terrain, just to visit paralysed people in domes?

Offhand I could think of a few possible explanations.

One was that the domes were like a kind of zoo, which the locals visited to view exotic alien life forms.

An amusing idea, but not very likely.

Or they might regard the occupants of the domes as gods and spend some time worshipping them every few days.

That seemed a bit more plausible. We’d never observed much in the way of religious observance among the locals, but that could be because they didn’t worship at home but only in the domes.

But it soon dawned on me that there was a third alternative, and the more I thought about it the more likely it seemed. My body was tingling just from the thought of it.

There was nothing I could do but wait to find out, and the more I waited the more my body tingled.

After what must have been several hours the waiting finally came to an end. The wall of the dome facing me shimmered and one of the locals stepped into the interior.

It was a little hard to tell, but I had an idea I had seen this one before in our vids. It was a young female with long, flowing green hair, large hexagonal spots and smallish breasts. Once she had emerged fully into the dome she blinked for a moment in the unfamiliar light, and then turned her attention to me.

With an expression that might have been delight or awe, she looked me up and down. I felt exposed. I couldn’t conceal my nakedness from her, even if I wanted to.

The locals liked sex. They couldn’t get enough of it.

Unhurriedly the local girl stepped forward and reached out a hand to my face. I couldn’t stop her. I couldn’t even flinch.

Her behaviour seemed to confirm my third theory. The domes were places where the locals came for exotic sex, to indulge in whatever sexual fantasies and perversions they could think of, with partners who could never complain or resist.

I couldn’t imagine what kinds of creatures the locals might be visiting in the other domes, let alone what they might be doing to them. But I could well imagine what they might do to me and Risha and the others, and what they might keep doing for hundreds and hundreds of years until their bare feet had worn deep ruts into the stony ground outside our domes.

The green girl’s fingers languidly traced the contours of my ears, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, my chin, even my eyelids. It was incredibly arousing. I could feel myself becoming moist.

We had all fantasised about what the locals might do if they ever decided to have sex with us, but we’d naturally assumed that we would have some degree of control.

I longed for her to touch the rest of my body. But no: she stepped back for a moment, then leant forward and touched the tip of her tongue to my nose, before turning her back and walking away.

Hey! I was thinking. Is that it? Wait! You can’t leave me yet!

But my fears were groundless. She wasn’t leaving.

For a moment she stood with her back to me, displaying her silky green hair, mottled green back, slender waist, perfectly-rounded buttocks and long legs. Then she raised her arms above her head and began to dance, slowly turning, leaping and somersaulting before me so that I could view every part of her body in action.

My God, she was beautiful.

And then she spiralled toward me and allowed the tip of a finger to brush my left nipple, and spiralled away again. A little while after that she knelt before me and swung her head so that her hair swept across my stomach. And so the dance went on, moving away and showing me her body, moving close and briefly caressing my face, arms, legs, breasts, buttocks, vagina....

I was sure I recognised her now. She was the village flirt, always toying with her partners, teasing and taunting them to distraction before finally rewarding their patience, or lack of it, with wild, uninhibited lovemaking. The vids in which she appeared had been among my favourites.

Had the domes somehow summoned her to me deliberately?

She was taunting me now with her dance, even as she aroused me with it.

Look at me, she was saying. Look what I can do. I can move. I can do anything I want to. I can arouse you with my dance, inflame your senses with the slightest touch, while you can’t do anything but stand there getting hornier and hornier. You can’t move can you? Not a muscle. You can’t even touch yourself. Look at me - I can touch myself! See? I can touch myself anywhere I want! Now wouldn’t that feel nice, if only you could do it to yourself?

If I could have moved I would have been dancing with her, matching taunt for taunt, flirt for flirt. As it was, I could only plead with my eyes for her to end the suspense, and when she saw the plea in my eyes she only taunted me all the more for it.

So she danced, flirted and masturbated in front of me for what must have been more than an hour, while I could do nothing but watch and become achingly, painfully, aroused. By that time I was so hungry for any kind of contact that I didn’t care what she did to me. She could have taken me violently, beaten me with her fists, torn the flesh from my bones, and I would have welcomed it.

Fortunately she did not go quite that far. Instead, she simply span toward me and then unexpectedly leapt forward, cannoning into me and knocking me backwards.

For a moment I thought I was going to hit my head on the hard floor, but the shimmering prevented me from doing so. Instead I found myself hanging above the floor horizontally, as if lying on an invisible bed, with her lying on top of me, her nipples pressing into mine.

She gave the local equivalent of a giggle and licked the tip of my nose. Her hands were already gliding over my body, arousing me to fever pitch.

She slowly slid her hands down my arms, then took hold of my wrists and lifted my hands onto her bottom. And then she put a hand on my bottom and caressed it gently, and slipped the other hand into my moist vagina and began stroking my clit rhythmically.

My arousal grew and grew. I thought I was about to come, but I didn’t. I just got even more aroused. A while after that it happened again, then again, then again....

I wished I could help her, if only to make myself come, but there was nothing I could do but lie back on my invisible cushion with my hands resting helplessly on her hot, firm buttocks.

If I didn’t come soon I was going to go mad.

A few moments later she smiled, gazed into my eyes and touched her tongue to my mouth.

That tiny, subtle extra stimulation was all it took to set me off.

My body exploded into ecstasy. I’d never felt anything like it. The shimmering must have been enhancing my sexual responses far beyond normal human limits. I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t even twitch. I could only come and come and come and come and come.

Sometime in the middle of it I thought I could hear my flirt moaning quietly. I suppose that was when she had her own orgasm.

When I finally came to my senses I discovered that she had rolled me over and was lying on my back, rubbing her vagina against my left buttock and running her hands up and down the front of my body as I floated just above the smooth crystalline floor. From time to time she moved her face next to mine and slowly licked my cheek.

This time my arousal was slower and more sensuous. The girl continued to stroke and caress me gently while the kaleidoscopic reflection of the sun moved slowly across the floor. I think it took me an hour to come this time, and it was slow and gentle and beautiful and I wanted it to last forever.

And still she wasn’t done. Next she turned me face up once more, spread my legs and began energetically licking and sucking me. I wished I could move my hands to push her in deeper, but I could only sit there and take it. After only a few minutes I came quick and hard. I think I must have climaxed nine or ten times while she drank deeply.

At last she seemed to have worn herself out. With a sigh she withdrew her face from my crotch and gave the local equivalent of a smile. She knelt to kiss me and turned to leave while I hung suspended above the floor. I wished I could have thanked her, but I suspect she knew how good it was for me.

The sight of her departing buttocks aroused me to one last fantastic climax that faded away slowly while the sunlight filtering through the dome slowly turned red.

So that was it; the first day of my new career. And no doubt Alshan and Risha and the others had all had equally intense experiences.

One day of this paralysed sexual exploitation hadn’t been so bad, but I wondered if any of us would still be sane or even human after a hundred years of it, or a thousand.

I felt spent and lethargic, but not sleepy. Once darkness fell, I wondered, would I sleep or just spend the night in a waking -

Then, suddenly, there was nothing.

When I came to again bright sunlight was streaming through the dome. I was floating in an upright position, feeling clean, refreshed and euphoric.

For a moment I couldn’t remember where I was or why I was naked. It was only when I tried to move and failed that I remembered.

I was trapped, helpless; doomed to spend the rest of my centuries-long existence being fucked by the locals, forever incapable of resisting, forever incapable of moving.

I couldn’t even sleep any more. The shimmering thing just turned off my brain at night to conserve power. As far as it was concerned, I was no longer anything but a flesh-and-blood sexbot.

And I couldn’t even get mad at it because it was controlling my emotions as well.

Right now I couldn’t feel anything but excitement and anticipation. That could only mean one thing: the shimmering knew there was another local coming to visit me. Visiting me to come.

Sure enough, after a little while the dome rippled and a young male stepped into the dome. He was tall by local standards, lean and well-muscled without being musclebound. His skin was lime green with spots so dark as to appear almost black, and he had shoulder-length hair the colour of an Earth meadow framing an angelic heart-shaped face.

When his eyes fell upon me he gasped with astonishment (pleasurable, I hope) and shyly stepped forward. His sudden erection wasn’t the biggest I’d seen, either on a human or a local, but it looked to be one of the hardest.

He seemed young. In Earth terms he might have been anything from 15 to 19. I guessed that he didn’t have much sexual experience and had been sent to the domes as part of his initiation.

After a moment he summoned up enough courage to reach out a hand and caress my cheek. Bowing his head he said something to me that I naturally couldn’t understand, although the context was fairly obvious. Of course I couldn’t reply, but he seemed to find the answer he wanted from gazing deep into my eyes.

He lowered his hand and began to stroke my breasts. Along with the physical pleasure, I felt a marvellous thrill of anticipation, which only grew stronger as he reached around me with the other hand and slowly ran his fingers down my back.

He continued to stroke and fondle me for several minutes, arousing me to a fever-pitch of excitement.

I tried to remind myself that my feelings weren’t real, that they were being artificially orchestrated by the shimmering, and that he was using me without consent, but all to no avail. I could no more control my emotional responses than I could control my muscles.

Anyway, I supposed that being made to believe I was enjoying the experience was preferable to genuinely hating it and still being incapable of preventing it. I could never have endured centuries of that.

Still upright, the local stepped forward and manoeuvred himself into me. His thrusts were quick and deep, reflecting the urgency of his desire, but my own ecstasy was building rapidly in time with his own. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes before he gave a small groan and his arms tightened around me almost painfully. There was a hot rush inside me and then my own body erupted in pleasure from head to foot. I’d have been groaning myself if I could.

For a few minutes after that he just stood stroking me gently and muttering what might have been declarations of love. Then he was ready again.

Stepping back momentarily, he studied my body for a moment. Then he reached for my waist and rotated me vertically about my centre of gravity until I was suspended in a prone position at waist-height. Then he separated my legs, walked between them, and pulled me backward toward him until his erection entered my vagina from behind. I had to admit it was a novel position, and it felt terrific. He was able to reach forward and fondle my upper body while leisurely thrusting with his hips.

This time he was able to pace himself, bringing both of us closer and closer to orgasm for what must have been over an hour. It was exhilarating.

Admittedly my exhilaration might have been the result of alien reprogramming, but I didn’t care. Physically and emotionally, my pleasure felt real, and that was good enough for me. If I was going to be a helpless sex toy for eternity the least I could do was try to enjoy it.

When I finally came it was less intense than before but it went on and on and on. This time there might have been twelve peaks, or maybe fifteen. I lost count.

Afterward he spent some time lying beneath me as I floated horizontally in mid-air. Reaching up to my waist, he gave me a small shove and I began to spin slowly around my major axis like a roast on an invisible spit. He gave the local equivalent of a giggle. From time to time he would give me another little push to keep me spinning, or would stroke whatever part of my anatomy rotated into view.

I didn’t feel at all dizzy. I imagined myself as a space technician floating in the middle of a zero-g environment, watching the room spin around me. Except that most space technicians wouldn’t be getting fondled by a cute green humanoid at the same time, and they certainly wouldn’t be having a mini-orgasm while on duty.

The local boy rolled out from under me, stretched erotically, and then gently turned me back to an upright position. To my surprise he then walked away, and I was afraid he’d finished already. But no: he seemed to be urinating against the wall of the dome. The floor remained dry, which meant the wall must have absorbed the urine. I couldn’t help wondering what the dome would do with it - analyse it, absorb it, break it down into its constituent elements and recycle them, or just dump it outside?

And while I was thinking that I was getting a very nice view of his tight young arse, and that was getting me aroused again.

Once he was done he stretched languidly and strolled back over to where I floated. Leaning forward, he gently prised my mouth open and slipped his tongue inside. It tasted salty and exotic on my own tongue, which began moving of its own accord in response to its caresses. At the same time my lips tightened about his tongue as well.

I wasn’t doing any of it. The shimmering had taken control of my mouth, just as it had my vagina. Which, by no coincidence, was where his hand was. The other hand, as far as I could tell, was busy with his erection.

He did not penetrate me, but his kisses and caresses eventually brought me to a slow orgasm, and while it was still going on he took me by the waist and slowly turned me upside-down.

It was a weird experience. From my point of view it looked as if he and the rest of the dome were turning upside-down as I stayed in the same place, slowly coming all the while. I ended up looking at his inverted ankles and feet, which seemed to be hanging from a flat crystal ceiling.

Then he took hold of my hips and lifted, so that my viewpoint travelled up (or “down”) his firmly-muscled legs until I had a fine close-up view of his inverted erection. At the same time I felt his lips and tongue nuzzling my pubic hairs.

My mouth was still open from his kiss - perhaps that was why he had kissed me - and he carefully manoeuvred my head toward him until it had ingested his penis. Once more the shimmering took control of my lips and tongue, which began massaging it firmly in time with his slow thrusting. At the same time his tongue was slowly massaging my clitoris while his lips kissed my labia. With one hand on my head and the other on my bottom, he held me steady while he swayed slowly back and forth.

This time it only took me a few minutes to reach the threshold, but this time I stayed there, feeling like I was about to come but always just unable to reach the peak. It seemed as if he was in the same condition. His hot, rock-hard penis quivered while thrusting as if about to ejaculate at any second, but somehow he managed to hold back from the brink. His low moans of ecstasy were making my vagina vibrate wonderfully.

The light shining through the dome slowly reddened as we remained trapped on our plateau of ecstasy.

I no longer remembered my life before coming to the dome.

I no longer remembered that I was once able to move.

I no longer remembered what a tree looked like.

I no longer remembered my own name.

I was trapped in an eternal now of mind-numbing sexual stimulation. Time seemed to be standing still.

And then, with a sudden pulsing and a rush of fluid into my mouth, time started again. My body leapt the peak and orgasmed powerfully. Reflexively I swallowed the local’s hot, salty semen, and as it rushed down my gullet I felt another orgasm in my throat, almost as if I had grown another clitoris there. I vaguely remembered reading about the vagus nerve in the neck which was connected to the genitalia and under some circumstances could be stimulated to ecstasy in its own right, but which if overstimulated could cause a heart attack....

My heart was pounding, it was true, but I doubted that the shimmering would allow it to burst. It was programmed to keep me alive, and at that moment I had never felt so alive.

Even after he was spent, I continued to feel intense rushes of pleasure from my throat right down (or up) to my vagina and back for several minutes afterward.

At last he turned me right side up and kissed me, taking back some of his semen from my mouth. With a cheerful smile and a wave he walked away, giving me one last look at those fabulous buttocks until they disappeared into the dome wall.

I was sad that he was leaving, but my sadness was tempered by the thought that another would arrive next day.

Would the next one be male or female? Would he or she be young and horny or mature and patient? Would they finger me, or suck me off, or bugger me, or just missionary me senseless? The more I thought of what they might do to me while I was unable to move or protest made me so horny that I had a long, slow spontaneous multiple orgasm that seemed to last for hours, while the sunlight refracting through the dome slowly faded.

I could no longer remember anything about myself. I didn’t know who I was or where I came from, or why. I had a vague memory of being able to move, but that didn’t seem to matter any more. I couldn’t remember how long I had been in the dome. It seemed like an eternity.

All that I knew with any certainty was that I would never move again, never leave the dome. I would always be here waiting for the visitors who would use my body for their pleasure, and mine.

I would be here forever. An eternity of ecstasy.

And with that thought, I had one last lingering, blissful orgasm before the dome turned off my brain for the night.

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