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If you reached this page by searching for references to “The Jungle Book”, “Mowgli” or “Rudyard Kipling”, please note: the Ketrin series contains content which is not suitable for minors. If you are under 18 or feel that you may find this material offensive, please do not read any further.
Ketrin Copyright 1999 - 2009 by Leem. All rights reserved.


Ketrin can now be found at his new official home, the Ketrin’s World website. Links from this page now go to the new site, but if you’ve bookmarked this index page, please change it to

KETRIN PROLOGUE Secure within his furry mother’s den, the naked cub dreams of a time long ago when strange two-legged beings visited the world. What significance can the dream have? As the cub grows he must not only find his place in the pack but also try to discover his true relationship to the furless ones.
KETRIN PART ONE When the long lost son of a village woman walks naked out of the jungle, his reappearance is greeted with rejoicing by some, but with lust and greed by others....
KETRIN PART TWO Will Borvinn, the sadistic chief hunter, succeed in his evil plan to paralyse Ketrin forever and rape him at leisure?
KETRIN PART THREE Borvinn discusses his plans with the old sorcerer, and Ketrin is attacked by something small and unpleasant. Meanwhile, unknown to them all, one little bird holds all of their futures in its talons!
KETRIN PART FOUR Mavrida makes her bid for freedom, Borvinn’s hunt begins, Sherinel faces his worst nightmare and Borvinn prepares to freeze Ketrin forever. Will he succeed?
Well...yes! But that’s not the whole story...
KETRIN PART FIVE Ketrin is worshipped as a god by hungry villagers. But how will their “omnipotent” deity save them from starvation when he can’t actually do anything?
KETRIN PART SIX Sherinel is about to set off to search for Ketrin along with Silverpaw, Shadow and the Twins. Ketrin is a long way from home, still naked, paralysed and horny, but the villagers will be happy to worship him with their bodies if only he can save them.
KETRIN PART SEVEN Ketrin is still being worshipped by the villagers, but there is another major crisis that he has to try and resolve without being able to move. Meanwhile Sherinel and the four lupinoids face a hazardous journey to reach the far side of the river. If you thought “cliffhanger” was just an expression, think again.
KETRIN PART EIGHT Sherinel is rescued by a pair of naked strangers and realises that Ketrin may not be completely unique. Meanwhile Mavrida sets off on a quest of her own and meets some remarkable people, and as the drought finally shows signs of breaking the paralysed Ketrin spends some time talking to the voices in his head.
KETRIN PART NINE As the rainy season sets in both Sherinel and Mavrida face challenges and opportunities on their respective quests to find Ketrin, while the object of their search learns something of the lupinoids’ origin. But what really hapened to Ruthyar, and what dangers await all of our heroes? Dum dum dummm...
KETRIN PART TEN A A preview of the tenth instalment. Major cliffhangers resolved. New problems and opportunities. A fight for survival. A relationship threatened. A monster attacks. A friend is found. Faith is shaken. And there’s much more to come.
KETRIN: MAJOR PLAYERS A quick rundown of the most important people in Ketrin’s life. And yes, lupinoids are people too.
KIPLING AND KETRIN AND MOWGLI AND ME A background article to the Ketrin series, in which Leem reveals some of his influences, including Rudyard Kipling, John Eyton, Olaf Baker, Regis Loisel and Philippe Sternis....
The Pygmalion Syndrome Leem’s site, where you’ll find you’ll find his erotic stories about men and women who find themselves turning motionless as mannequins or statues, and links to lots of like-minded sites.

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