The Wizard 5 - Joining the Staff

by Anthyrax

The Wizard's escapades continue. Click here to read the first part of this serial saga.

Cindy was excited as she drove her little Volkswagen into the parking lot.  She was about to start an exciting new job, and she was more than a little attracted to her new boss.  Cindy wondered a little about some of the conditions, but she had found it easier than she expected to tell her friends and family that she would be starting a new job that would take her out of town and on the road for months on end.   She had also found it easy to sell or donate most of her stuff, keeping only a suitcase full of clothes, her laptop computer, and sending most of her real personal treasures to Mom’s for storage.  

She had bought herself a new outfit though, and decided on a little more feminine look.  Cindy wanted this man, and she figured Wes would like it if she dressed a little less like a tomboy.  She had even gotten her usually blonde unkempt hair styled, but decided not to try much makeup, as she really had never worn much before and didn’t want to look overdone now.  She pulled up to a parking space in the back as her instructions had told her, and got out of the car.

Wes saw Cindy pull up, and walked up to greet her.  She looked very nice this evening, wearing new jeans and red silk blouse that showed her figure off to advantage, along with new cowboy boots that made her even taller than her usual 5'8".  She was wearing her glasses, but they looked cleaner than he remembered them being last time, and her hair looked nice, blonde tresses in a French braid.     Wes carefully looked around, noticed that all of the activity was in the front of the parking lot as he expected, smiled to himself and greeted her.

Cindy smiled and blushed when she saw him.  “I am so glad to see you Wes, I am really looking forward to this” she dimpled and blushed.   Wes smiled back, gave her a hug, which she returned.  “I am going to kiss him, bet he won’t expect that” she thought, her face in a mischievous grin. 

Quickly, before he pulled away, she tilted her head up, and kissed him square on the lips.  Wes was surprised, “what the hell, I have a couple of minutes to spare” he thought.  The kiss went on longer than she expected, and quickly heated up.  Finally, Wes tilted her head a little with his hands, looked deep in her eyes and continued to stare into them for several moments.   Cindy stared back, after a moment becoming lost in his eyes.  He began speaking quietly to her, and she quickly fell into a charm, slowly slipping away and no longer caring.  

After several minutes, certain that she was now compliant and ready for a journey, Wes escorted her to his car and put her in the back seat.    She sat relaxed, her hands on her lap, staring with a little smile and glazed look into nothing in particular.  Her mind was now completely adrift, only his instructions to relax and remain quiet in her head.  Wes then looked around again, made certain no one was in view, and her little Volkswagen was transformed into a match box car, which he picked up, and threw into the little creek near the restaurant.

Wes then got into the car beside her.  While she remained in her blissful waking dream, he altered her hair, eye color and facial features a little, as well as his own.  Then waking her up but keeping her under charm, he escorted her into the restaurant so that they could have dinner.  

Cindy enjoyed her dinner, although she felt a little fuzzy this evening.  She talked and talked, telling Wes all about herself and her life.   She never felt so able to open up before, and it all came out in a rush.  She flirted more than she usually did too, finding any excuse to touch him with her hands or brush her leg against his.  Dinner seemed to fly by, and she couldn’t even remember what she ate when it was over.  

After dinner, Wes took her back out to his car.   She wondered briefly where her own car was, but it no longer seemed important for some reason.  She wondered for an instant only, where the necklace around her neck, its bauble hidden under her shirt but occasionally giving off a little warmth for some reason, had come from.  In the car, Wes continued to let her talk as they drove off.  After about an hour drive, Cindy began to wonder a little where they were going.  

“I hope it’s a hotel” she thought.  She wanted him now, and she slipped her hand onto his leg as they drove.  Wes pulled into a little park and stopped the car.  Turning, he kissed a pleased Cindy, who began kissing back.  After a few minutes, he began helping her undress.  Her boots went first, then her shirt came untucked and her bra slipped out from underneath.  Completely distracted and unable to focus on anything but the moment, Cindy never noticed Wes pull a little plastic doll from his side of the car.  As she kissed him and pulled away to work on unzipping her jeans, she felt the brush of something cool and plastic against her skin.  

Instantly, she froze, one hand holding the front of her pants, the other on her zipper.  Her shirt was now mostly open, and her full breasts unbidden beneath.  She opened her eyes, her mouth open in surprise, as she suddenly began to glow a warm, pink color.  Wes kissed her again in the mouth, closing her mouth as he pulled away, then opened her shirt and touched her breasts.

In spite of her shock and surprise, Cindy remained turned on and struggled to move so she could respond back.  The feelings of need and desire flooded through her, and as she struggled to fathom why she couldn’t move, as well as her sexual feelings, her mind shut down and the moment stretched into the infinite for her.  

Wes watched her eyes as he caressed her nipples and stroked her face.  He gave her one last kiss before she had completed her transformation, and he watched her eyes glaze over as she changed into plastic.  Satisfied, he shrank her down, and then pulling his briefcase from the back seat, he placed her now 12-inch body into it.  Getting out of the car, he went through her things, kept an address book and then transformed the suitcase and its contents, as well as her laptop into toys suitable for an action figure before tossing them into the weeds.  Transforming her boots into an appropriate size for her, he put those in the briefcase next to Cindy. 

“Talkative little chatter box” he thought “pretty though and a great kisser.”  He smiled, got back in the car and continued his drive.  His next stop was to collect Cheryl. 

He drove to the bar where he was meeting Cheryl.  She sat on a bench outside, smoking a cigarette and nervously looking around.   Her jeep, with her suitcase and purse in the back, was in the parking lot.  Wrapped up in her thoughts, thinking about the change she was making, she missed Wes drive by.  Wes saw her and pulled his car into an ally nearby.  He got out, pulled out his briefcase, then with a wave of his wand, the car vanished into dust.  Wes walked out of the ally, his briefcase in hand, and walked toward Cheryl.

Cheryl had just finished her cigarette when she realized that he was talking to her.  Blushing, she smiled, “I am sorry, I didn’t see you,” folding and unfolding her hands nervously, “I was thinking about everything to make sure I have finished everything you wanted me to so I can start,” she said. 

Wes could see how nervous she was, and in her eyes, how excited as well.  Giving her a little hug, which she returned warmly, he wrapped an arm around her and said “lets take a quick walk, I want a cigarette too and you can tell me all about it.”   Lighting a cigarette, Wes listened as she told him all about giving all of her stuff away to the Salvation Army, except for a few little treasures she had in storage.  As they walked, they got a little further away from the bar and into the alley before she realized where they were.  

“Umm, shouldn’t we stay out of there” she said, “this isn’t the best part of town.”  

Wes, looking around, decided she was right about the potential dangers, but knew he was the most dangerous thing in that alley.  He noticed a pair of young men lurking in the shadows, who were now watching him and Cheryl intently.  Deciding he had enough time to do what he needed, he pulled out some dust from his pocket and blew it into her face before she had time to react.

Instantly, she froze, her eyes staring blankly into space and her mouth slack.  Turning, he saw the two young men trying to sneak up on him, one with a gun, the other with a knife.  Wes set his briefcase down and proceeded to act.  Smiling, he pulled his wand from his pocket and let go a spell at the dark-skinned man with the gun.

Santiago was certain that this would be easy.  After all, he had a piece and Jimmy had a knife and this white guy and his girlfriend looked like they would be easy to take care of.  He was shocked when without warning, a yellow light blazed out of the stick the guy was holding and hit him right in the eyes.  He stopped, dropped the gun as pain swept through him, his eyes dazzled and suddenly spasms buckled his knees.  He tried to scream, but only a gasp slipped out has he fell backwards to the slick pavement.  The pain stopped, but a new strange sensation swept through him and as blackness took him he wondered whether his Mama had been right all along about devils.  

Confident that the gunman, whose body was now blurring and beginning to change into something different, was no longer a problem, Wes turned and waited for the other man to reach him.  Jimmy walked up and demanded in an urgent whisper “give me you wallet man, or I will cut you.  If you don’t hurry up, my man here will shoot your girl.”  Wes smiled, which caused Jimmy to frown for a minute, then suddenly reached out and touched Jimmy in the knife arm before he could react.  A white-hot pain swept through him as Jimmy fell to the ground, trying to scream but unable to get any words out.  The pain quickly ended, but as blackness took him, Jimmy could only wonder what happened.  

Within moments, each of the men where enveloped in a black glow.  Slowly the glow faded, and when it did, only puddles of water covered in slimy moss remained.  Their clothes remained behind, as did their weapons, but of their bodies, only an outline of slime vaguely human shaped remained where they had fallen on the ground.  The water slowly drained away into the gutter, taking the slime with it. 

Cheryl watched all this with complete detachment.  She knew she had to wait for orders before she could move, and after watching the power she had just seen, any lurking resistance she had was now running for cover.  “They were dangerous, but MY GOD, what did he do them, and what has he planned for me?”  But she felt unable to move, the over riding need she felt was to wait for Wes to instruct her.   Wes turned toward her, and touched her gently on the cheek.

“I am sorry Cheryl that you had to see that. You of course are right. This is a dangerous part of town.”  The cold detachment in his eyes frightened her to her core.  But after he gave her some instructions and spoke some sort of command, she felt different.  She liked the little necklace he gave her, it felt warm, and the events in the alley now seemed to be some sort of weird dream.  She realized she could not have seen what she thought she had, and when he took her arm and led her to her car, she smiled, and asked “Where are we going?”. 

“It is time for us to go somewhere for the night, is that ok with you?” he gently asked, watching her eyes.   

She nodded with a sweat smile, and Wes could see in her eyes that she was completely charmed now, and would no longer be afraid as the events of the alley slipped further from her mind. 

Helping her into the passenger seat of her jeep, and then taking her keys, Wes then moved around and got in.  Driving away, he took her hand, which she squeezed, and they drove into the night.

The jeep reached a parking garage near downtown, and Wes pulled in and parked.  Taking a few moments to change his and Cheryl’s appearance, he then helped her out of the car, asked her to wait for a moment, and as she waited, he grabbed her luggage and his briefcase.  They walked into the lobby, where she checked in with her credit card and name, then they took the elevator up to the room.  Once inside, Wes dropped the disguise spell and had her stand calmly while he looked at her.  

Cheryl was a pretty girl, especially so tonight, her dark blue eyes sparkling in the light, her pretty red hair framing her oval face. She smiled and blushed, but did not look away as he examined her.  She was wearing a green cotton blouse, with a blue silk scarf as a belt, over white cotton slacks and was in 3-inch heels.  She was a pretty little thing, all 5 ft 3 of her in heels, her light tan noticeable in contrast to her clothes.  Setting down the luggage, Wes opened his briefcase, and pulled out a wine bottle.  “Would you get those wineglasses from the settee over there dear,” he ordered gently.

Cheryl turned to get the glasses, a little impressed that this room actually had wineglasses, unaware of a subtle change he made to them from the previous state as water glasses.  With her back turned, Wes set aside a few items he needed where she wouldn’t notice them, and opened the wine. 

He poured her a big glass, and she sipped, then suddenly very thirsty, drained the glass in one gulp.  Pouring again, she drank more and began to feel hot.  He asked her questions about her life, and while she answered them, she began unconsciously removing her clothes.   First her shoes, then her sash, then still warm, her pants and ankle high stockings.  She now ached to kiss him, and finally unable to control herself any longer, she did.  

Within a few minutes, both were nude and making love with fierce intensity on the still made bed.  She was completely devoted to him now.  “How is this happening? I barely know him but now I want him forever.  Where has he been all this time” she wondered, then as she finally came, she screamed in passion, and collapsed into ecstasy has he came inside her.  

In the afterglow, they lay nude on the bed, still on top of the comforter. 

“I love you Wes” she whispered, a warm feeling of contentment and joy swimming through her.

“I will always treasure you Cheryl” he whispered as she fell asleep.  As she slipped away into slumber, she knew that he would love her too.  

After napping for a few hours, Wes awoke around 4 A.M..  Standing and opening his briefcase, he pulled out some small doll sized men’s clothes, snapped his fingers and then dressed as they became full size.  Casting a light sleep spell to ensure that Cheryl remained out for a while longer, he left the room to tie up lose ends.  

His first stop was the garage, where he shrank and discarded Cheryl’s jeep.  Then, he went to the lobby and after speaking for several minutes to an increasingly attentive young man who was the desk clerk, watched as the desk clerk followed his instructions.  Cheryl had never checked in now, and the room they were in did not need to be cleaned, in fact, it had a small problem with the air conditioning which would not be fixed until Friday, so it couldn’t even be used until then.

Satisfied that Cheryl’s (and his) tracks were now covered, Wes went back upstairs, grabbing some orange juice and donuts on the way up.

He let Cheryl sleep until she finally woke around 10 A.M..  He got on the phone with Sarah around 9, made sure that their plans were still in effect, but otherwise concentrated on his paperwork and email on his laptop.  A new client had sent a request for his services, and he arranged a meeting for the weekend.  

When Cheryl awoke, she smiled at him, then went to the bathroom to take care of her morning business.  After she used the bathroom and brushed her teeth and hair, she came back in and smiled and sat in the chair with him. 

They chitchatted for a few minutes, kissed some more, than after a cigarette, she excused herself to shower.  Waiting until the water was running, Wes opened the door and then pulled open the curtain gently.  She didn’t hear him, as she had just finished rinsing her hair and her face, with her eyes closed, was under the showerhead.   He watched for a moment, her beautiful well formed C cup breasts glistening, and her flat stomach wet and shiny.  He touched her with the doll, and then stood back to watch. 

Cheryl suddenly felt a strange feeling rush over her.   She suddenly realized that she could barely move and in fact, no longer wanted to.  She felt a warm sensual feeling creep over her, and as she opened her eyes, she saw Wes standing there, and her reflection in the mirror.  She managed a slow smile, with one hand sweeping her hair out of her face, another reaching toward him as the immobility finally took her.  He watched as the warm pink glow surrounded her, then as she began to change further, Wes reached in and turned off the shower.  He lifted her out of the shower, placed her standing on the floor, and rubbed her down with the large luxurious towels as she continued to harden.   Cheryl could feel the sensations sweep through her.   Her eyes began to lose focus but she no longer noticed, the nerves in her skin sending massive feelings of pleasure to her brain and then as the pleasure overwhelmed and stretched into eternity inside her mind, she finally finished transforming into a beautiful plastic life like doll.  

After Wes finished drying her, then examined her carefully.   She was perfect now, all of the imperfections, moles and freckles were gone, her tan now evened out except for where she had worn a bikini.  Caressing her for several minutes, which he knew she would continue to register distantly in her mind until he awoke her, he enjoyed his new treasure for a little while, admiring her and enjoying the feel of her now plastic skin.   Finally, he shrank her down, and then placed her in the briefcase next to the doll that was Cindy.  

Pleased, Wes went to sleep for a few hours before his date with Sarah.


Several weeks later, at his home, Wes sat on the couch drinking some Scotch, watching Jennifer at work in the kitchen.  She was dressed in jeans and a blouse, cooking dinner, singing quietly to herself.  In the dressing room, Vivian and Kim fussed over Cindy as they prepared her for an evening with Wes.  She looked much prettier now, her skin perfect, with wrinkles and blemishes gone, no longer even needing makeup as it now was a perfect alabaster white.  Her blue eyes, no longer hiding behind glasses she no longer needed, were alive with delight as she considered how pleased Wes would be with her new look. Vivian and Kim grinned to each other, aware of how deep inside, the tomboy had blossomed into a beauty queen.

Once dinner was ready, Jennifer set the table, then along with Vivian and Kim, went into another room and took their poses.  After posing themselves, they smiled as Wes transformed them into dolls and their minds drifted away into peace.  Placing them where they belonged on their display stands, Wes looked over to Cheryl.   She was posed with the other girls on display, in a very short erotic version of a nurse’s uniform, a lusty grin on her face.  Now a 15-inch ceramic doll, posed with the others, she dreamed of her next time to be awakened.

Wes opened the door, smiled at Cindy, and taking her hand, led her to dinner and an evening together.  


The Wizard's escapades continue as he meets Sarah...

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