Going Out With a Bang

by Heather St. Claire

(Dedicated to Robo_Niki, My Muse. It’s best to read her “Pleasure Palace,” Parts 1 and 2, first. This happens before the conclusion of part 2)

 As I write this, it’s been nine months since my transformation from human male to female sex robot at the Pleasure Palace, the finest attraction in all of Las Vegas.

 Have I had one second of regret for my decision? No! Life in the outside world had its moments, but here, it’s endless giving and receiving of pleasure. I no longer have any responsibilities, I no longer have any human frailties.

It’s everything I had anticipated--and more!

 I don’t have any choices any longer...male, female, young, old, black, white, red, yellow, beautiful or homely...as long as they’re a paying customer, I exist to please them. Flesh and blood humans make such a big thing about freedom of choice. Well, I love my freedom from choice! It’s incredibly erotic to be under another’s total control!

 Yes, I’ve had no regrets since the change...though I have to admit to one moment of hesitation beforehand.

 I had little courage in my personal life as a human. I didn’t go through with the transformation until my fourth visit. The first time, I plunked down my money, and just spent the next several hours wandering around the place, looking at the inactive women, wondering who they were, how they had come to be here, and what was in their minds at that moment. Then there were the frozen sex scenes; I would study them for hours, picturing myself in the middle of them, sometimes as the male, but more often as the female.

 It’s more blessed to give than receive? IMHO, I don’t think so!

 It was the second visit when I actually talked to some of the women, who were all as friendly as they were beautiful. I learned some of their life stories, and how they had come to be robotocized. I even tried cuddling with a gorgeous redhead named Lisa; we kissed for quite a while, and I took off her bikini top, and spent a while fondling and sucking on her breasts; but then my nerve failed me, and I beat a hasty retreat.

 As I left the room, I saw a look of hurt on her face. “Please,” I said. “It’s not you. You’re wonderful. It’s me.”

 I was walking down the hall, filled with anger and shame at my cowardice, when I bumped into another beautiful robotic woman.

 “Excuse me,” I said. “I should watch where I’m going.”

 “That’s OK,” she answered. “Are you looking for some action here? Or are you just finished?”

 I gulped as I looked at her. Of course, every woman here was beautiful, but this one had some special qualities. Call it a pure, animal, sexual magnetism. I could see it in her eyes; though they were robot eyes, the fire came through. All the women here were great sexual machines, but I swear I could see sadness, fear, regret and boredom in many of their eyes; maybe it was just my imagination.

 But when I looked at this one, I saw something different. “My name is Niki.” she said.

 “Hi Niki, I’m Pete.”

 She flung her arms around me and began to kiss me like I’ve never been kissed in my life. She seemed to be caressing and attacking my lips at the same time, while her tongue darted into my mouth like a hungry snake. I already felt myself becoming a bit lightheaded. When she let me come up for air, I gasped, “Let’s get a room.”

 She began peeling off my shirt, while I untied her bikini top. As we fell to the bed, I began to nibble and suck on one of her rock-hard nipples. As I heard her moan with pleasure, I moved another step closer to my final decision.

 But for the moment, I was still male, and ready to make the most of it.

 I loosened my belt, but before I knew it, she had the zipper down and  my rock-hard prick in her hand. “Ohhh, a big one!” she said, kindly. (If I had to be brutally honest, I was about average in length, though above average in thickness!) As she bent forward to take the reddish-purple shaft between her moist, pink lips, I realized it was my turn to moan.

 She moved her expert tongue up and down the shaft; I couldn’t believe the intensity of the pleasure. I tried to hold out as long as I could, but too soon, the explosion came. Soon, I realized I was panting and watching my member fade from a deep purple to crimson and finally back to its normal pink color.

 Niki had a look of deep satisfaction on her face when we finished.

 “I haven’t been with that many women in my life, and I only found one who really loved to give a first-class blow job.”

 “They don’t know what they’re missing,” she said. “Of course, I’m programmed to love the salty taste of cum, but I think I’d love it anyway.”

 While we were waiting for me to be ready for a second go around, I learned about her life. It was here that I discovered why Niki was different. None of the other women I had met had come here for the express purpose of being robotocized. Some had chosen it to escape problems in their lives, to combat the effects of aging, or for a host of other reasons. But in every case, it was an option presented to them, and that they chose, after coming to work here.

 Not Niki.  Niki had learned the palace’s secret through an old boyfriend, and instantly knew that it represented her destiny. She loved the intensity, frequency and variety of the sex; and she loved just as much being frozen, whether in a sex scene, or alone in a mannequin-like pose.

 “Niki,” I said quietly, “I want to join you here someday.”

 “Oh,” she said. “We always have a need for more robotic men. You’re pretty well hung now, but they can make it even longer...and you’re tall already, what, six-one?”

 “Actually, six-two.”

 “You could be six-four, if you like...there are no limits to the transformation.”


 “None. But let’s stop talking, and start doing, OK?”

 She was already playing with my prick, which was rapidly springing back to life. I was soon atop her, and before long, my manhood was thrusting deep inside of her wanting hole. I felt more powerful than I had ever felt in my life, as this beautiful creature was completely under my control, and being brought to the heights of pleasure by my actions. Each thrust seemed to be bringing her to a new, higher level of pleasure.

 She moaned. She encouraged me to keep going. She dug her nails into my back until the blood came.  And when, the explosion came, we held onto each other for dear life, for the world was exploding around us. I was a freight train, she was the tunnel; I was the surging river, she was the riverbed; I was...I was out of metaphors, and at least for the moment, out of cum again.

 I had never felt this way with a flesh-and-blood woman before. Yes, there had been moments of passion and pleasure; but it had never reached these heights.

 For a long moment, I thought about my big decision.

 This was when I had my brief second thoughts. But no, I told myself, if I was going to say goodbye to life as a man, then there was no better way to go out than on top.

 As we held each other, I thanked Niki for the greatest night of my life up to then. Summoning my courage one more time, I asked, “Remember earlier, when we were talking about there being no limits to the changes? Well....could they make me a robotic woman?”

 She looked surprised, and took a moment to answer. “Well, sure, but why?”

 I smiled. “Just consider it my highest compliment to you.”

 Now, my name is Cheryl. I’m a 5-foot-3, kind of buxom, blonde. I really like having a man -- or a woman -- tower over me, and wrap me in their arms. I feel like the protected one, instead of the protector.

 I’m everything I wasn’t in my previous life. Once, I carried all kinds of burdens in my soul; now, I am free as a bird. Pleasure once was last on my list; now it’s the only item on my list.

 And I have Robo Niki to thank for all of that.

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