A Mannequin's Life - New Beginnings

by V. Du'Arden

I had been out driving with no particular place to go, I just had to get out of the house for a while.  I'm single and I live alone, and since I'm over fifty, over weight, and stuck in a low paying job, I'll probably live the rest of my life alone.  It's not a pleasant prospect, and I've was feeling more alone and depressed then any time since my mother's funeral a few months ago.

I really don't know why I stopped at the mall.  After checking out a few shops selling things I knew I'd never buy I decided to see what was playing at the mall theaters.  Before I got to the theater I suddenly had to make a quick stop at the restrooms.  I was fairly familiar with the mall and as far as I remembered the closest restrooms was located in the mall's basement level behind the nearby escalators.  As I hurried around behind the escalators I found something that stopped me in my tracks and blew away all thoughts of having to piss.

I spend a lot of time on the web, way too much time, and of course I've found all kinds of interesting things to waste time on the net.  One of my favorite 'time-wasters' is reading some of the huge variety of short stories that's available on the web.  There are ALL kinds of stories, horror, sci-fic, erotic, and any other genre, in any combination of genres.  A lot of them are rather unusual or down right weird, but some of them are also very good.

A fairly popular setting of short stories used by several authors involving transformations, mostly of the transgender kind, is an odd little magic shop tucked away in some out of the way corner of some shopping mall.  Most, but not all, of the stories are 'G' rated.  Most, but not all, of the stories involve a man, or boy, getting transformed into a woman, or girl.  Usually over-sexed, air-headed, big-boobed, bimbos.  In many of the stories the men or boys who are turned into females end up that way more or less deserve what happens to them.  But, in lot of the stories the Shop Keeper maneuvers them into becoming females due to a warped sense of humor, or through no fault of their own they do something to end up getting changed into females.  But the little old Shop Keeper can use his magic to help people who needs it, although it's seldom in a form the receiver expects.

The name of this magic shop is 'Spells 'R' Us'.  And the thing that so startled me was a fancy hand carved wooden sign  }{ Spells 'R' Us }{  over the door of a shop that looked totally out of place in a shopping mall.  The shop and sign was so much like how I pictured they'd look from the descriptions in most of the 'Spells 'R' Us' stories the feeling of de-javue stunned me into immobility.  I just stood as I tried to recall why the odd little shop and sign seemed so familiar, and when I finally did remember my first impulse was to turn around and get out of the Mall as quick as I could, but my curiousisty froze me inplace as immobile as any magic spell could have done.

At first I thought it had to be novelty or game store that just happened to have the name 'Spells 'R' Us', then I realized that was unlikely.  While small mall shops could seem to appear and disappear with little warning, I know malls simply do not move restrooms around in the same way.  So, even if the 'Spells 'R' Us' sign hadn't rung a loud alarm bell I'd have realized something was more then a little odd about this little shop tucked away behind the escalators where the restrooms use to be.  Besides whoever heard of any normal mall shops stuck back in such a out of the way hidden location.

From the outside the shop looked like it belonged somewhere else then in a large shopping mall.  The display windows on either side of the entrance were full of all kinds of odd-ball things.  The shop's entrance was the kind of wooden door a small country store or shop would have.  It was the kind of old fashion shop that would have a little bell hanging above the door inside.  Just like the magic shop in the stories.

If this really was the 'Spells 'R' Us' magic shop I knew I shouldn't even think of going inside.  I also knew I'd never forgive myself if I didn't see if it was the real Spells 'R' Us magic shop described in the stories.  I finally made up my mind and as I reached for the door I thought, *Well, I was looking for a way to change my life.*
"Dingdingdingding" sounded the bell above the door as I opened it.  The sound startled me even though I was expecting it, and the bright yellow eyes of the huge black and gray dog that looked a lot like a wolf lying in the corner sent a chill down my back.  The wolf or dog is mentioned in some, but not all, of the stories and it seemed just as relaxed and tame as the wolf in the story as it stirred itself just enough to keep an eye on me.

I saw no one in the shop besides the wolf.  There was a doorway behind the cluttered counter with a  beaded curtain hanging across it.  There was also a sign above the doorway '<*> PRIVATE <*>'.  When no one responded to the door bell after a while I began looking around.  This was a little different from most of the stories.  But like in the stories, the shop was stuffed by an amazing collection of, of, well junk.  It wasn't trash, or anything like that, and there was even a few items of fairly recent manufacture, but nothing seemed to be new.  There was no price tags on anything, but some items were tagged with 'half off','on sale', and 'special discount', as well as 'Fragile Do Not Touch', and 'DANGER DO NOT TOUCH'.  The items with the danger tag were mixed in with the other items and didn't look any more dangerous then anything else., but 'I' sure wasn't going to touch them.  In fact, I was careful not to touch anything.

I must have been looking around for several minutes before a voice, a very feminine voice said from close behind me, "Hello Mark, how may I help you?"

The soft voice so close behind me startled me into quickly turning around, and almost knocking over a display stand with a half dozen fragile looking crystal things.  I just stared at the source of the voice, until 'she' asked again, "It there something I can help you with, Mark?"

"Uhh. Ahh, yeah, I, I'm not sure.", I stammered as continued staring at the beautiful green eyed, raven haired young woman standing only a couple of feet away.  She had the most beautiful bright green eyes I've ever seen set in stunningly beautiful face framed by thick curly shoulder length raven black hair.  When I finally managed to tear my gaze from her captivating eyes and breath takingly beautiful face I found myself staring down at her equally fantastic body and a pair of huge firm breasts.  I barely noticed she was wearing a snug fitting black and scarlet long sleeved dress that reminded me of the kind of dress worn by the Chinese girls in martial arts movies.  Except this dress was ankle length with slits on both sides all the way to the top of her thighs, and it had cut out below the high collar which her chest and most of her cleavage and breasts bare.

When I realized I was staring at her nearly bare breasts I felt my face heat up with embarrassment, then she gave a low throaty chuckle and said, "No, do not be embarrassed.  If I did not want men to stare at me I would not be wearing this dress.  I take your honest interest as a compliment."

As I looked back to her face, while trying to keep my gaze from dropping again I saw her smile was just as arresting as the rest of her face and body as she said, "I am sorry I could not respond to the door bell sooner.  I was in the middle of some thing I had to finish, I hope you did not mind waiting."

When I finally found my voice I mumbled, "Ohh no, I didn't mind.  I enjoyed the chance to look around."  I gestured toward a big shelf full of odds'n ends and added, "You have the most interesting collection of, of... "

"Of junk?" she said with an even bigger smile.

I chuckled and said, "Yeah.  The kind of 'junk' collection a person could find all kinds of, of interesting things in, if they took the time to look.  And right now, I have plenty of time to look."  I managed to tear my gaze away from her again I looked around as I said, "This shop is fantastic.  I didn't think it could be real, but it's just the way I thought it would look from the way the stories described it."  Looking back at the Shopkeeper I smiled as I said, "But you sure don't look like the little old wizard the stories described."

The Shopkeeper gave me a wry smile and said, "Well, there is no little old wizard here, now."

I nodded as said, "No ma'am, there sure is not."

She just chuckled, and asked, "Is there something I can do for you?"

I sighed and said, "Well maybe, if this is really the magic shop I think it is.  It's just that it's hard to believe that this really the same 'Spells 'R' Us' magic shop I've read about.  But you knew my name, and besides making a lucky guess, you'd have to be a psychic or a, a magic user of some kind."

She raised a sculptured eyebrow as she asked, "Magic user?"

I shrugged and said, "Well, 'Magic User' seemed to be a fairly neutral title.  I have an idea some of the other names might be offensive if I used the wrong one."  I gave her a big smile and added, "I wouldn't want to insult you inadvertently, just in case you really could turn me into a big boobed bimbo."

The Shopkeeper's smile faded as she asked, "Oh, I suppose you would consider being turned into a woman worse then being turned into a toad?"

I hurriedly said, "No.  Of course not.  I just would not want to be a brainless bimbo like the ones you; uhh, I mean the wizard in the stories seemed to like turning men into."

She chuckled and said, "These sound like interesting stories you have been reading.  I will have to read them myself sometime.  Now, is there something you have in mind that I may be able to do for you?"

I sighed again and replied, "Yes, there is if... Well, I guess I'd like a chance to start over.  I mean I've never done anything with my life.  I could give you all kinds of excuses, but I know I have only myself to blame for all the things I didn't do that I could have and should have done.  It's not that I never had any chances to make something of my life, I've had a lot of them, but I never seemed to take advantage of them.

"When you're young you don't give much thought about the future, I sure didn't.  I just coasted along, till I suddenly realized I was over-weight, middle-aged, and I had done NOTHING that made a difference to anyone.  At least I could and did take care of my mother, but my sister could and would have done the same thing if for some reason I couldn't have done so.  But, since she died I have nothing to look forward to, or even remember, in my life."

I suddenly realized tears were running down my cheeks, and I paused in embarrassment before finishing, "I'm sorry to unload my troubles on you like that, especially since I never did care for 'whiners', but I'd really like a chance to start over and do things differently."

She looked thoughtful for a few seconds then nodded and said, "Yes, I think I can do something to help you, if  you are willing to help me do a favor for an old acquaintance of mine."

I felt a surge of hope, as well as a chill, at her words and I cautiously asked, "What would I have to do to help you with this favor for your, friend?"

She explained, "My friend owns a chain of woman's apparel and lingerie shops.  She is always looking for a few very... special people who would be willing to fill positions in her visual merchandising department.  She  has asked my help in finding just the 'right' people."

"Oh-oh, this sounds kind of familiar.", I thought as I cautiously said, "Uhh, I really don't know that much about women's clothes and lingerie."

She gave me another wry smile and replied, "Oh, Leta is looking for a very few people to model and display her merchandise.  Leta has a rather... unique out look on how she wishes the clothing and lingerie displayed for her patrons.  She says appearance is the primary requirement, as well as a willingness to... accept and hold the position she wishes you to hold."

"Yes, this definitely sounds familiar."  I said, "I assume... No, I'm not going to 'assume' anything.  You are going to turn me into a woman, aren't you?"

She gave my a wry smile and raised an eyebrow as she asked, "Would you have a problem with that?"

I sighed and shook my head and said, "No.  I guess not.  I did say I wanted to do things different if I could start over, and being a woman would be different."  I paused in thought before adding, "Okay, you may turn me into a woman, as long as you don't do anything to change my memories or mind without making sure I understand exactly what the effects of any such changes will be and agree to them of my own free will before you make any changes."

The Shopkeeper gave me a big smile as she said, "Of course.  One could think you did not trust me."  She gave a low throaty sexy chuckle and added, "Besides, even if I were inclined to be... shall we say 'less then' ethical, Leta has made it clear that only people who are truly willing, without the use of any magical compulsion or coercion, will be acceptable."

I shrugged and replied, "If you are anything like the wizard in the stories, you could probably do anything to me or with me you wanted to do the instant I set foot in your shop.  So I have no choice but rely on your willingness to deal fairly and honestly with me, and I wish to avoid any inadvertent misunderstandings in our dealings.  As an example, I have a suspicion of what your friend will want me to do, but I not making any assumptions, so could you explain to me exactly what I will be expected to do."

The raven haired Shopkeeper gave me a quizzical look and said, "I am going to have to read those stories you keep referring to, because your 'suspicion' is pretty accurate."

I nodded and said, "Then you're not just going to change me into a woman, you're also going to turn me into a mannequin, a real plastic display mannequin?"  I wasn't sure how I felt about being turned into a plastic display mannequin, but for some weird reason the idea was oddly appealing.  I suspected my point of view about such a thing was being influenced, if the shopkeeper was a real sorceress and anything like the wizard in 'Spells 'R' Us' stories then she certainly could 'influence' me in just about any way she wanted.

She shook her head as she said, "No.  I will not be turning you into a mannequin, Leta will be doing that herself.  She has asked me to locate individuals who would be will to be transformed into mannequins.  And if such individuals are male they must also be willing to be transformed into females.  This male to female transformation is something I happen to be fairly proficient at so Leta has provide me with a fairly detailed description of the 'type' of young women she's looking for."

I thought, "Well, this is a little different, except for the Wizard's or Sorceress' inclination to turn men into women,"  As I said, "I never really considered having a sex change nor have had any interest in cross-dressing, but if you can really do it...  I guess I have to admit the idea of becoming a woman, a real one-hundred percent woman, especially a young attractive woman is more then a little appealing."

The Sorceress frowned as she said, "If?  Why do you keep saying 'if', as if you doubt my powers?"

I thought, "Oh, oh.  I hope I've not pissed her off.  I'm half convinced she's for real and I really don't want to be turned into a toad or something worse if she..."

"Half convinced?", the Sorceress said with a wry smile as she interrupted, or derailed, my train of thought.

I started to say something, but stopped and just thought instead, "I have no doubt you can read my mind.  You have more then proven that, but... well, that is all I really know you can do."

She nodded and said, "Fair enough.  If you will follow me into the back I think you will have no trouble I am a... 'magic-user'."

I suddenly realized I didn't know her name, in fact in almost all of the stories the wizard's name is never brought up, but before I could ask what her name was she demosrated her mind reading ability again by saying, "Oh yes.  You may call me Chrysalis, or Christy if you prefer."

I thought, "Chrysalis, a good name for someone with a taste for magically transforming people and things."

Christy smiled again and said as she turned away, "Yes Mark, I think you are just what Leta is looking for.  If you agree, I will transform you into the 'type' of young woman Leta desires, then she will use her own magic to transform you into one of her unique mannequins."

Then, as I followed Christy around the counter I said, "Ahh, I assume the transformation into a mannequin is not permanent.  Because if it..."

She assured me, "No, no.  Leta can reverse the transformation when ever you desire.  I really doubt she would find hardly anyone who would willingly and knowingly allow themselves to be permanently turned into mannequins."

When I steped through the doorway into the dimly lighted 'back room' I felt an odd tingling sensation wash over my body, which caused me to think I had just been turned into a woman.  I heard Christy's chuckle as I felt myself, nothing had changed, and to cover my mild embarrassment I asked, "Well then, could you tell me how long Leta expects me to be a mannequin?"

Christy gave me a big wide smile as she asked, "So, you have decided to do me this favor?"

I felt more then a little lost in her big beautiful green eyes as I sighed and answered, "Yeah, I guess so... just as long as I'm not permanently turned into a mannequin."

Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she took hold of my hand and said, "Oh, I know Leta would never intend to do that to you, or any of the others she has made into mannequins for her shops."

As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting I can see this 'back room' was a lot larger then the shop's public room.  But, it was just about as cluttered with an even weirder assortment of 'junk'.  I also noticed there were stairs down to a lower floor, as well as a set of stairs going up to another floor.  I knew this shouldn't be possible because the mall's busy main concourse should be directly above us.  I followed Christy through a narrow path through the seemingly randomly arranged tables, benches and shelves loaded with all kinds of things.  I saw stuff that really looked like they belonged in some medieval wizard's lair, while other things looked like they were right out of a Star Trek or Star Wars prop room.  There was everyday 'normal' items and things I couldn't begin to identify.

Christy lead me to what could have been an alchemist's work bench where she picked up a small flat wooden box, opened it and held it out to me.   There was six small glass vials in the box, each about the size of my little finger.  Each vial contained a pink liquid, a 'magic potion' that looked a lot like pink 'Peptal Bismal' antacid.  She said, "Pick one, they all will transform you into a lovely young woman, but each one will be different.  Choose one and less then a minute after you drink it you will be a beautiful young woman."

I suddenly wasn't at all sure what I'd somehow gotten myself into and I just stared at the six little test-tube like vials of pink liquid till the Sorceress prompted, "Go ahead take one, you know you want to.  The transformation is not at all painful, in fact I am sure you will find the experience to be enjoyable."

I swallowed and found my mouth suddenly very dry as I asked, "Will this mess with my memories and personality?  If this, stuff makes me forget who I really am, or makes me..."

She sighed and lightly pressed her fingers to my lips as she said, "Of course it will effect your personality and to a very small extent your memories too, but the changes are only to help you adjust to being a very attractive young woman, after all you are a fifty-two year old man.  You have my word that you won't 'forget' who you are now, and you won't be turned into an 'air-headed bimbo'."

I nodded and started to pick one of the vials but when I still hesitated the Sorceress said in an exasperated tone, "Mark!  You already agreed and I know as well as you do that you are fascinated by the idea of being a beautiful young woman.  You even find the idea of being transformed into a mannequin to be unexpectedly exciting.  So, pick a vial, and drink the potion."

Doing as the Sorceress urged I took one of the vials popped off its stopper and after only a last moments hesitation I held it up to pour its contents in my mouth.  The potion oozed from the vial like honey, except it didn't cling to the inside of the vial like honey would do.  The potion seemed almost evaporate as it trickled back over my tongue, its sweet spicy taste filled and lingered in my mouth.

For a short while after I took the potion, just long enough for me to think this was some kind of stupid hoax, nothing seemed to happen.  Then I noticed the beginning of a warm tingling sensation in my belly that quickly became unmistakable.  I gasped and held my belly and stared in surprise at the Sorceress standing nearby.  She was muttering or chanting something as her bright green seemed to glow brighter and brighter.  As she chanted the warm tingling rapidly spread throughout my body, then my clothes seemed to become looser and looser fitting.  I suddenly realized it wasn't my clothes getting bigger, I was getting smaller, a lot smaller and shorter.  As I grew lighter and thinner my chest, my breasts felt hot and swollen, and when I pulled off my now very baggy shirt and T-shirt I saw I had breasts.  At first they were not much larger then the ones I already had because I was so overweight, but the nipples was a lot bigger and the aureole was at least two inches wide and noticeably puffy.  As my excess weight and girth rapidly melted away my breasts grew bigger firmer and more feminine.  In less then a half minute I must have lost at least a hundred and eighty pounds. I had also grown a pair of very nice looking firm conical breasts, about a 'B' cup in size, with thick nipples and wide dark brown puffy aureole.

About the time my now ridiculous baggy pants and shorts slipped down around my ankles the warm tingling sensation seemed to concentrate in my belly, groin, and crotch.  I stared down at my penis and testicles and watched them visibly shrank in size and change into the groove, clitoris and lips of a very feminine vulva within only ten to fifteen seconds.  Even as my external 'equipment' was completing its transformation I could feel my internal equipment changing also.

  I was so mesmerized by the sight of the transformation my male equipment was undergoing I barely noticed my waist growing slimmer and slimmer as my hips and ass took on unmistakable feminine proportions.  Only after the warm tingling faded away did I begin to notice how I had changed in other ways.  My nearly hairless skin was baby smooth and soft, with a smooth even very dark tan complexion.  My hands were narrower, noticeably more delicate, with long slim fingers with half inch long oval tipped nails.

For a lot longer then the actual transformation took I just stood and stared down at myself as I ran my hands over my body, an undenyably one-hundred percent feminine body.  I have no idea what I was thinking, I'm not sure I was even capable of coherent thought for awhile.  The touch of the Sorceress' hand on my arm caused me to take notice of something else than my fantastic new body.  Looking up at the Sorceress I barely noticed she was now taller then I was as I said in a bemused voice, "You, you did it.  You really turned me into a, a woman a real woman."

Taking my hand the Sorceress lead me to another part of the room as she said, "No Valerie, you're not quite a woman, yet."

Coming out of my bemusement I stopped and pulled my hand out of her grasp as I demanded, "What'cha mean, I'm not a woman?  I am so!  I have tits and a pussy now, so why yo sayin I'm not a woman?"

In reply, she chuckled and said, "I'm sorry Valerie, I meant you no disrespect.  You are a very pretty young woman, and I know you'll grow up to be a very beautiful woman in a few years."

"Grow up?", I asked as I took another look at myself.  This time I noticed I my pubic hair was almost nonexistant and my breasts were obviously the firm perky, not quite fully developed breasts of a young teen-aged girl, nor was my slim figure quite that of a fully adult woman.

I gasped, "I'm just a kid.  You turned me into a teenage girl.  But why..."

The Sorceress just smiled and said, "Well Valerie, you did want to start over, didn't you?"

All I could think to say was, "Uhh, well.  Yes, I guess I did say that didn't I.  I just... Hey, why do you keep calling me Valerie?"

"Because, silly, that's your name now."

"Ohh.  Yeah, right.  I guest it is, isn't it.  Valerie... Yes, I think I like it... It sounds right."  The I returned to my earlier question, "Ah Ma'am, I thought your friend was going to turn me into a mannequin for one of her clothing stores."

The Sorceress nodded as she opened a closet door I hadn't noticed earlier, and said, "She needs some new mannequins for her new section of clothing and lingerie for young teenagers."  Then she said, "Here, you can dress in these for now. ", and began hand me clothes from the closet.

About then I heard the door bell dingling, and the Sorceress seemed to simply stop dead still for a couple of seconds.  Then she sighed as she shook her head and muttered something about 'moths to a candle', before she said, "Valerie, you get dressed while I see to Jack and Lonny.  I know I don't have to tell you not to go poking around while I'm minding the store, but I'll warn you anyway that there are harmless looking things laying around in here that you would really regret even accidentally disturbing."

I said, "Ma'am, you just turned me into a teenage girl, and I no longer have any doubt it's really possible for your friend to turn me into a mannequin.  So, I wouldn't think of touchin anythin in here without checkin with you first.  you just show me where yea want me to change, hopefully were I won't accidentally blow up the mall or change myself into a toad or somethin horrible if I should happen to stumble or somethin.  Okay?"

She smiled and lead me to yet another part of the room, a surprisingly clutter free area, pointed out the 'safe' area's boundaries and said, "I doubt I'll be gone long but if I am, those books and magazines on that shelf are all harmless, and so is everything in the side tables beside the chairs and sofa.  When you're through dressing, wait here for me to return, if I'm not back before you finish."

When the Sorceress left, I laid out the clothes she gave me to put on.  Everything seemed like the kind of things a modern teenage girl would wear to go mall crawling.

"Mall Crawling?  Now were did that come from.", I thought as I took off my way too big socks.

There was also a large mirror in the safe area and I got my first good look at the new me.  With my dark brown complexion I shouldn't have been surprised to discover I was now a very pretty black girl, with big soft light brown eyes and shoulder length shinny black curly hair.  As I studied my new face I had to admit I had a very cute face with high wide cheek bones and slightly upturned eyes with a rather strong Oriental mien.  I had some fun trying different combinations of smiles, glances, winks or fluttering my long lashes, I quickly discovered I could give some really dynamite flirtatious or sexy looks.

Turning my attention to my new body I saw I was just short of developing into full lush woman hood.  My perky teenage breasts had a little way to go before full development, but they were already full 'B' cups which filled the lacy 32B size bra the Sorceress gave me in a very eye pleasing way.  My hips and thighs were noticeably fuller then a teenage boy's, but they were also far from being as fully developed as they would be in three or four years.  All in all, I'd say I was probably a typical fourteen or fifteen year old teenage girl.  Although my breasts and figure wasn't quite those of an adult woman I had no doubt I'd attract more then my share of appreciative looks from more then just over-sexed teenage boys.  The idea of boys and men getting erections just looking at me was, much to my surprise, a very exciting idea.

My clothes included a pair a silky cotton crotch white panties, a lacy black bra, a bright scarlet blouse, a very, very short faded blue corduroy mini-skirt and matching corduroy jacket, and black sandals with wide two inch heels and scarlet ankle-socks.  I also had a general purpose purse already stuffed with all kinds of typical feminine odds'n ends.  After I finished dressing I decided to see how well I could use the lipstick and other makeup I found in the purse.

Applying a raspberry red lipstick proved to be fairly easy, I only had to start over twice to get it to look good.  But, the eye shadow and especially the eye-liner was not nearly as easy.  While I guess it really wasn't as hard as I expected it still took five tries to get my eyes to look more or less the way I wanted them to look.  I was trying out the blusher(?) when the Sorceress returned with three young men in tow.

She took lead the young men to the workbench, told them to stand and wait and not to touch anything until she returned, then she made her way over to me.  I noticed she used a fairly round-about route instead of the most direct route to get over to my little safety zone.  I also noticed she had not seemed at all friendly toward the three young men.

She looked me over and complimented me on my first attempt at applying makeup, which pleased me a lot to know I hadn't done such a bad job.  The Sorceress had me remove and reapply my makeup as she gave me a few suggestions which seemed to make things easier and improve my efforts.  After a few removing and reapplying my makeup a few times I glanced over at the three young men, who were still standing asked, "Ah, ma'am..."

She said, "Valerie, you may call me, Christy."

I smiled and said, "Okay, Christy.  I'm kind of curious about the three guys you have standing over there.  They really don't look at all trust worthy and I'm pretty sure they're wearing gang colors"

Christy looked at the three young Latinos with a frown and said, "You are very right about that, they are not at all trust worthy.  Those three young hoodlums and two of their fellow savages thought they were going to rob, rape, and then murder me.  Normally I'd have done something nasty to all five of them, like I did with two of them already.  But I decided to do something more 'useful' with these three then I usually do with such animals."

Then she lead me over to the workbench.  As I followed I really felt like running away as far and as fast as I could, and I would have taken off if I thought I had even the slightest chance of getting out of the shop.

The Sorceress must have felt how terrified I was, hell you sure didn't need to be a mind to tell how I was feeling, when she turned to me and said, "Valerie, you have nothing to fear from me.  You would have never thought of doing the kind of pure evil these beasts were intending on doing, and I never use my powers to truly harm another unless I've been severely provoked."

As she got a small box, a different box from the one she let me pick my potion vial, from a shelf next to the workbench.  The Sorceress explained, "These three young men are not quite as evil as the other two were, they haven't actually murdered anyone, yet.  The other two were little more then animals who actually enjoyed killing and inflecting terror and misery on others."  The Sorceress paused and gave the three young men a smile that would've terrified a ghost as she said, "So I turned them into animals, rats, female rats in heat, and sent them home where I'm sure they'll be giving birth to the first of many litters of fine little rats in a few weeks.  The best part of their punishment is they will remember what they use to be."

The Sorceress took a vial from the box as she said, "I decided to give these three a second chance, a new start in life, like you Valerie.  But unlike you, they will have no choice in the matter, no choice at all, and very little of their current personalities, and none of their memories will be salvageable."

It was obvious the three young men understood exactly what the Sorceress was saying, even if they didn't really know what she meant to do.  It was also obvious they were terrified but couldn't do anything without the Sorceress telling them to do it.  The Sorceress (not Christy) looked at one of the young men and said, "You are the worse of the three, and you very nearly shared the fate of the other two animals.  If you had actually murdered anyone as you so often brag you've done you would have shared their fate.  As it is, you will have the pleasure of watching what I do to these two before I also do it to you."

Then she gave the vial to one of the other young men and ordered him to drink it.  He immediately opened the vial and gulped down its contents.  As the Sorceress muttered a chant the young man quickly took on the form of a very sexy and well endowed young woman.  But, unlike my transformation the sexy young woman was not at all happy to discover how she had been changed.  The two remaining young Latino men looked at their former gang banging buddy in horror, but they still couldn't do anything to avoid being turned into equally sexy and busty young women.  Once she turned all three young men into sexy young women the Sorceress gestured and their mis-fitting clothing seemed to turn to dust before totally vanishing.

As the Sorceress looked over the three young women, a blond, a redhead and brunette, she said, "Valerie, you might be interested to know Leta is not the only person I owe a favor to, and most of them are not as particular as she is about the willingness of the... 'raw' material I send them.  I have a... well exactly a friend, who operates an adult toy store and he has an order in for three special items."

Then the Sorceress went over to a shelf and returned with three small plastic things that looked like the air valve of an inflatable ball or mattress.  She stuck one of these on the back of the neck of each the young women then stood in front of each one said a few 'nonsense' words and clapped her hands in front of their faces.  Each young woman seemed to shiver for a few seconds after the Sorceress clapped her hands, but nothing seemed to happen much to the obvious relief of the young women.  Much to my surprise the Sorceress asked me to get three boxes from the shelf she got the plastic air valve things from.  As I carefully made my way over to the shelves I had an idea what the Sorceress did to the young women, an idea which the illustrations and printing on the boxes confirmed.

Christy gave me a big smile as I returned with the boxes and said, "You have a very good and accurate imagination, Valerie."  After I carefully put the three empty boxes on the workbench where the three ex-gang bangers could clearly see them the Sorceress gestured to one of the young women and asked, "Valerie, would you please pull that one's plug?"

This request surprised me, and puzzled the young women.  When I hesitated the Sorceress said, "Go ahead Valerie, you already figured out what I intend to do with these three."

Moving around behind the redhead the Sorceress indicated and lifting her hair up from her neck I could see the air valve was now an unmistakable part of the young woman's otherwise normal looking neck.  When I hesitated again I heard a soft whispering voice that said, "Do not worry Valerie, this will not kill them, they will remain fully conscious and aware as long as they are not in their box."

I carefully reached up and popped the stopper from the air valve.  The redhead gasped and stiffed as air whooshed from the air valve, but in a few seconds she began to sag and started to fall over.  I caught her without thinking and discovered she was now no heavier then an inflated lifesize doll would be.  As more and more air gushed out of her the redhead looked less and less like a real person and more and more like an inflatable plastic sex doll.

The Sorceress took the half deflated plastic doll from me and began rolling up the doll's feet and legs, forcing more air out of it, as she said, "Valerie, would you please pull the plug on the brunette love doll while I finish deflating this one."

Once fully deflated and folded up their typical open mouthed wide eyed faces looked a lot more realistic then anyother inflatable sex-doll I've ever seen.  But it was 'obvious' they were just plastic blow-up dolls and 'never' could've been three living breathing young women who use to be three typical teenage gang-bangers.  It took about five minutes to deflate all three 'magic' sex-dolls, but before the Sorceress put them in their boxes, while they lay all folded up on the workbench, she said, "If you have not yet grasped what has happened, I will explain.  I have turned you into inflatable sex-dolls and this is all you will be for a long, long time.  One man after another will 'rent' you, a plastic sex-doll, for a night to relieve themselves in your plastic pussys, in your plastic asses and in your plastic mouths.  But when they inflate your plastic body you will return to the way you were before Valerie pulled your plug.  For all intents and purposes you will be a very sexy living breathing flesh and blood young woman who will eagerly do whatever you can to please whoever inflates you.  After a few years... or decades, I may permannetly turn you into living breathing people again."

After the Sorceress carefully put each deflated doll in it's own box and put the boxes back on a nearby empty shelf Christy smiled at me and said, "Well Valerie, I am glad that is over with.  Now, I was going to explain before the interruption, Leta asked me to 'find' eight teenage girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen willing to be mannequins in one of the Leta's Fashion Emporium.  You are the third I have collected so far."

As I wonder where the other two future mannequins were and how long it would take Christy to 'collect' the other five she chuckled and said, "Unfortunatly finding someone willing to be turned into a mannequin is not all that easy, so it will probably several months before I have all eight of Leta's 'girls' for her to pick up.  If you will follow me I will introduce you to the other two girls."

As I followed her I thought, "Sheesss she'd be a bitch to play poker with."

Christy chuckled and replied, "Ohh, not really, there are ways of easily blocking casual mindreading.  Besides, like most people, I'm quite agreeable when I'm winning."

I thought about how Christy used the term 'collect' then I asked, "Did you use your powers to persuade me to agree in the first place?"

She shook her head and said, "No, I used no magic to force you to do this, except for a little persuasion to actually take the potion, and I only did that because I knew you hesitated only because you feared I was 'a crazy serial killer' and had already made-up your mind to take it anyway.  And  of course, magic was involved in attracting you to my shop in the first place.  But then, further magic is used to attract any potential patron who could use my unique services who happens to come in the mall."

I nodded and said, "Okay, from what I've seen you do not seem to have to rely on, subtle magical persuasion to make some do something you want them to do.  So, I'm willing to abide by our agreement, if you can personally guarantee I will not be permanently transformed into a mannequin."

Christy sighed and said, "Yes, can guarantee Leta has no intentions of permanently transforming anyone into a mannequin,  Although I can't say how long you will be a mannequin, I can guarantee baring totally unforeseen circumstances, that you will eventually be able to take up your new life as a living breathing teenage girl."

I noticed the three girls were finished dressing and had even applied makeup, and were now quietly sitting on the short sofa that I'm sure had been an upholstered chair when I was over there dressing.  So I said, "Then I don't see a problem then, besides I'm kind of curious what it will be like to be turned into a plastic mannequin, since I actually enjoyed being turned into a girl.  I'm also curious how you keep six curious girls from accidentally doing or getting into trouble in such a dangerous place as this shop."

Christy raised an eyebrow and asked, "Did you say six curious girls?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah, as I said out in the shop I love browsing through junk like you have here, and I know myself well enough to know something will catch my eye and I'll pick it up'n start fooling around with it before I remember where I am.  With my luck the first time that happens It'll just happen to be a key to open a gate to somewhere really nasty, and of course I just happen to trigger it."

Christy frowned and said, I don't leave things like that laying around where anyone can so easily pick one up..."

I gasped and said, "I was just joking about messing around with a key to hell or somewhere else just as nasty."

She gave me a very serious look and said, "I wasn't joking.  But, I do see your point, and I guess I'll have to make sure nothing like that can happen with you the same way I do with the others."

I only said "Oh.", but I thought *Way to go Val!  Maybe I can find some where to put the other foot.*

Christy chuckled and said, "That would probable painful as well as awkward, Valerie.  But you don't worry, I think you'll find my guest quarters will be quite comfortable and snug, as well as totally secure."

Christy the Sorceress opened a cabinet and took out four clear plastic cylinders, just like the ones Barbi dolls come in, but these were empty.  Two other plastic barbi doll cylinders were occupied by very life-like dolls dressed up like teenage girls.

It took me only a second to realize what Christy intended to turn the other three girls and me into dolls to keep us out of trouble.  When I stared at her in open mouthed amazement she just raised an eyebrow and gave me a wry smile before casually carrying the plastic doll tubes over to the other girls.  Then she looked back at me still standing and staring at her with my mouth open as though she had frozen me in that position with one of her spells, and casually asked, "Valerie dear, would you please join come here.  I think you'll find this fascinating."

Only the rather unsupported assumption that being turned into a doll would not be painful or permanent allowed me to at least act as casual as Christy and I walked over and took my place with the other girls.  Up close like this, I couldn't help but notice the other girls seemed to be in a trance or high, and they didn't seem to really be aware of what was going on around them.

As Christy made a few preparations she said, "That's right Valerie, they're actually in the same kind of light trace most sleep walkers experience and they're totally unaware of their surroundings, even tough they can respond fairly normally to my instructions.  You're also right about this being a painless and temporary transformation."

I verbally asked, "If you can keep them in a trance like that then why do you have to turn them into dolls?  It seems like it would be a lot easier the turning us into dolls."

"Actually Valerie, it's easier to turn people into something like these dolls then it is to make the effort to keep them in an trance like they are now.  Once I turn you into a doll I can simply set you on the shelf and continue about my daily routine without the constant need to maintain your trance.  As a doll you'll also take up a lot less room, you won't need food, water, or air, and you won't need to use the bathroom.  So you see Valerie there is a lot of good reasons to turn you and the others into dolls until Leta is ready to transform you into mannequins."

Unenthusiastically I replied, "Oh, yeah, sure.  I guess you're right, but I can help but worry about ending up in some little girl's toy box if yea turn me into a doll."

Christy just chuckled as said, "Don't you worry your pretty head about that happening, I can tell you from personal experience it's not so bad being a little girl's favorite dolly."


Then she did something and one of the girls suddenly stood rigidly at attention and stopped moving, then she started to shrink.  Her clothes and everything shrank at the same slow even rate, and as she got smaller I could see her flesh becoming more and more like plastic.  The entire transformation looked like it would take several minutes, but the first girl had only shrunk a foot when the girl next to her also suddenly stood at attention and stopped moving.

After all three of the other girls had began shrinking in their transformation into dolls, and I was awaiting my turn, Christy said, "Valerie, I think I'll set you out on the shelf in the shop instead of keeping you in the cabinet with the other dolls."

I managed to smile and say, "Oh, that would be nice... I guess."  I knew I should start turning into a doll just like the other girls any second when I suddenly thought, *I wonder if being turned into a doll is anything like being turned into a mannequin*  But, before I could ask Christy, I felt an overwhelming compulsion to stand at attention.

I had no choice about standing at attention, and the instant I did so I found I couldn't move a single muscle.  As I felt a tremendous but oddly painless pressure bearing down on every square inch of my body I couldn't even blink, but I could still clearly see and hear.  I heard Christy answer my last unspoken question, as she said, "Since I've never been transformed into a real plastic mannequin as you are going to be, I really don't know if being a doll is anything like being a mannequin."

It seemed I could actually feel myself shrinking and slowly turning into plastic as the same force that seemed to be compressing my body also held me upright.  One by one, as she seemed to slowly grow larger and larger while I was actually growing smaller and smaller, I watched Christy pickup the finished dolls that had been living breathing girls and carefully place them in their plastic doll tubes.

Then the huge giant Christy picked up my still stiff paralyzed body and before she put me in my doll tube she held me up in front of the mirror.  I could clearly see that I really had been transformed into a real doll, a very life-like doll, but still a real plastic doll.  While could still clearly see, I discovered I could still hear but not at all clearly, and whatever Christy was saying was only rumbling noise to me now.  Christy showed me how my stiff doll limbs and body could be bent and posed just like a real...

No!  I AM a real doll now, and I realize I like being played with, like Christy is doing.  I also know my sole purpose in existing is to be played with by some little girl.  All too soon Christy carefully put me away in my plastic doll tube, and set me on the counter where anyone entering the store would see me and want to play with me.  Christy held up a huge bigger-than-desk-top sized notebook with a neatly printed note:

I know you can't understand what I'm saying but you can still read.  I also KNOW exactly how you are feeling and your desire to be played with.  I'm sorry I can't play with you more but I have may things to do that a pretty little dolly like you would never have to worry about, so you just stand there a look pretty for anyone who may visit my shop.
As a doll time seemed very flexible, if nothing was happening time seemed zip right by, so I can't remember if I was ever bored being a doll, but when ever I wasn't being played with I found I'd keep wishing that Christy, or someone, would play with me some more.  I was delighted when Christy began turning herself into a nine or ten year old girl and play with me as only a young girl could.  She even found, or made, some children to play with me when she was to busy to do so herself.  I never forgot I use to be a teenage girl, as well as a middle-aged man before that, but I was totally content and quite happy being a dolly, and I had no desire to be anything other then the dolly I was now.

I think I had been a doll for a little more then a week when a pretty blond woman entered the shop.  I realized something was different about her before Christy held up a note saying:

This is my friend Leta, she is here to take you and the three other dollies to her store.  I will be turning you back into a girl now so you can get to know Leta better.

I felt surprisingly sad about being turned it a girl, if I had my choice I'd never be anything other then a little girl's dolly.

Being transformed from a doll to a girl was a bit different and much quicker.  Christy lay me on a bed and I felt a sudden buildup of pressure side me which seemed to actually inflate my plastic doll's body like it was a balloon.  Just as suddenly as was compelled to stand at attention when I was turned into a doll I found I was breathing and moving again.

As Christy helped me to my feet she asked, "Well, do you still think it would be so bad being some little girl's dolly?"

In a soft thoughtful voice I replied, "No, not any more.  In fact I'd love to be a little girl's dolly, but then I'd have to be a dolly again, and I'm a girl now, not a plastic doll."

My reply seemed to please Christy and surprise Leta.  Then Leta said, "I've heard that many people would do anything to return to being a doll once they experience the pure joy of being a little girl's doll and being played with."

I nodded and said, "Yes, ma'am.  I can understand that point of view now."  Then I realized something and looked at Christy as I said, "That's why you put the other dolls away in that dark cabinet, isn't it?  Locked away in there it will seem like no time at all has passed.  It will seem like to them that you closed the door and then opened it again seconds later.  They'll have no chance to become hooked on being a doll like I did!"

Christy seemed a little, but only a little bit, uncomfortable as she said, "Yes, that's true.  I was pretty sure you could resist the, the lure of losing yourself to the joy of being a simple doll, but I knew the others would never be able to resist it."

"But why would you do... "

I turned to Leta and almost shouted, "It's the same way with being a mannequin, isn't it!?"

Leta seemed a bit annoyed as she said, "Yes, I guess it is, however the desire to remain a mannequin is not nearly as compelling as the desire to remain a doll."

I was letting my anger show as I said to Christy, "That's why you would tell me how long I'd be a mannequin, because Leta would be quite willing to let me remain a mannequin as long as I wanted to be one, isn't that also true!?"

She actually seem very pleased at practically being yelled at as she shrugged and said, "I really can't say anything about that.  You see it's Leta's business, not mine, and I can't interfere in it."

Leta snorted at this, which suddenly struck me as funny as I realized what and why Christy did what she had done.  I suddenly started giggling and couldn't stop till started laughing outright.  Christy also giggled but she was able to control herself.  Leta just gave us a sour look then said, "Listen giggle girl, you've still agreed to be one of my mannequins, I will hold you to that agreement."

I smiled and said, "Yeah, sure.  I don't have a problem with the agreement I made with Ms. Christy.  So, Ms. Leta, just how long do you expect me really be one of your mannequins?"

Leta smiled and said, "Well, dear.  You do realize mannequins don't age, so you'd be just as young a hundred or two hundred years from today as you are now."

"Uhh, a hundred years is still an awfully long time to just stand around lookin pretty, ma'am."

"Well maybe, I guess it does sound like a long time to one as young as you.  I said hundred years only as an example to emphasize my point that you wouldn't have to worry about growing older." she said then paused and added, "How does twenty years sound?"

"Five years sounds better."

"Then how about fifteen years?"

"Five years still sounds better."

Leta snorted and said, "Five years is not worth the effort to transform you into a mannequin."

I suddenly realized Leta couldn't read my mind like Christy could do, and a quick glance at Christy who just raised an eyebrow confirmed my guess.  I sighed and said, "How does this sound.  I will be one of your mannequins for at least ten years..."

Leta's face didn't show anything, but I got the idea she liked it.  Then I continued with, "But, I want you to return me to human at least once a year for a full day."

Without blinking Leta said, "Agreed!"

Then I excitedly asked, "When do we leave?  Are these clothes okay?  Where is your shop anyway?  Do I go like this, or as a doll?"

Leta frowned at Christy and said, "I thought you said this one remembers her former life?"

I said, "Oh, I'm just practicing being a teenage girl.  How am I doing?"

Christy chuckled as Leta replied, "Too good."  Then she said, "Leta's Fashion Emporium is located in Houston Texas, and I have to catch a plane to Seattle in five hours..."


"Yes, I have some business there that requires my presents.  I had expected my old friend would have six special dolls for me to take home..."

"Oh.  I was lookin forward to actually gettin to be a teenage girl for a little while before yea turn me into a mannequin."

Leta replied, "Sorry about that Valerie, but I reserved only one seat on the return flights, and the, uh... nature of my business in Seattle would make looking after a child very difficult."

I gave Leta a copy of Christy's raised eyebrow and wry smile as I said, "I see you don't tell outright lies either, but you still manage to avoid tellin the truth.  Is that one of the required skills of a good Sorceress?"

Christy chuckled and answered, "No, but it is some most seem to pick up after a few decades."

I said to Leta, "I really would prefer to stay as I am now until you're ready to actually turn me into a mannequin, and I promise to behave myself and be a good girl if you let me.  But, if you really want me to be a doll like the others I have no problem with that."

Leta gently caressed my cheek then said, "I'm sorry Valerie, if I didn't have this business I have to take care of in Seattle I'm sure I'd enjoy your company, but it really would be best if you were just a doll till I get you to my shop."

I sighed and said, "Okay, then I guess if I gotta be a doll then go ahead and do it now."

As I stood up and stepped to the middle of the 'safe' zone Christy said, "This well be a lot faster this time, Valerie."  Then I was again compelled to stand at attention, and I began to shrink again.  This time, it seemed to take me less then a minute to shrink down to the size of a barbi doll.  Once my transformation was complete I was so happy to be a doll again and I really hoped I'd stay a doll forever this time.

Leta picked me up and examined my dolls body, before she carefully put me in my doll tube I saw the plastic tube now had a fancy embossed label reading:

Special Edition Doll
made for
Leta's Fashion Emporium

Leta put me in my doll tube away in the cabinet with the other dolls.  I saw that each of the other doll's tubes was labeled like mine was, so I now know the others are named Karen, Lila, Renne, Amy, and Cathy.  It seemed like Leta had just closed the cabinet door, and a few seconds later Christy opened the door again.  As Christy and Leta put me and the other dolls in special carrying case I saw it was labeled:

Leta's Fashion Emporium
Special Edition Dolls
This time, it seemed like I was in the dark a couple of minutes after the carrying case was shut before it was opened again.  As Leta took me out of the carrying case and set me on a shelf I saw I was in a very fancy woman's clothing store.  I assumed this was Leta's Fashion Emporium and I'd soon be one of the many posed mannequins I could see from were I stood on my shelf.  I could also see at least a dozen people browsing around the displays, counters, and shelves so the shop was obviously opened for business.  As the day passed, many of the patrons would stop and admire me and the other dolls.  I couldn't help wishing one of the motherly looking patrons would took me home for their little girls to play with.

After Leta's Fashion Emporium closed and the last patron left the store Leta and three of her employees carried me and the other dolls to the Fashion Emporium's storeroom.  Leta then took me out of my doll tube lay me on a cot and did something to turn me back into living breathing girl again.

Leta introduced me to the four young women who was watching with obvious interest as she helped me to my feet, not that I really needed any help since being a doll is very pleasant and restful.  She said, "Girls, this is Valerie.  She will be a mannequin in our new young teen section.  Valerie, I'd like you to meet Donna, Debbie, Sandra, and Barbara.  They're all former or current mannequins, who work for me in other capacities now.  They and a few others who are currently mannequins on display, are actually the ones who run this place for me, so they will be the ones dressing you and changing your display."

Donna and Debbie seemed about my own age and look like sisters, with the same honey blond hair, greenish-hazel eyes, and nice even tans.  Sandra was a very pretty young black woman with raven black hair a lot like my own, big soft golden brown eyes, and a beautiful light chocolate brown complexion.  Barbara looked like she came straight from Ireland with her curly coppery-red hair, bright green eyes, and a pale freckled complexion, she also sounded as Irish as she looked.

After friendly greeting from everyone Debbie surprised me when she asked, "Mistress Leta, may Valerie go with Donna and me to the movie?  We'll all be back in plenty of time for Sandy and Barb to get us ready for tomorrow."

Leta must have saw the look of surprised hopeful anticipation on my face as she looked Donna, Debbie, and me over like a doubtfull mother.  Then she smiled and said, "Yes, you three may enjoy yourselves for a few hours.  I want you three to stay together, and be back here no later then 1:00 am.  I don't have to tell you three to stay out of trouble, do I?"

Donna and Debbie both quickly said, "No, Mistress Leta.  Thank you, Mistress Leta."  Then they each took a hand and pulled me out of the storeroom's service entrance.

As we stepped out on the street from the ally Debbie said, "Ohh, wow.  This place has really changed since the last the Mistress let me out."

I asked, "Have you been one of Leta's mannequins for very long?"

Debbie nodded as she looked around with wide eyes and said, "Oh, yes.  Years'n years.  It feels so weird to be moving around like this."

Donna agreed, "Yeah, it sure is.  I don't know how real people can move all the time like they're always doing."

"Uh, how long have you been, ahh, animated?"

Still looking around like her sister, Donna replied, "Oh a long time now."

"Yeah, it must be a whole hour since Mistress Leta turned us into real living breathing girls." Debbie said.

Donna said, "Debbie, I still can't believe you asked the Mistress if we could go to a movie!"

"Yeah, can barely believe I did it too!  And, then she said YES!"

I asked, "Uh, guys, how long have you been Mannequins?"

They both looked puzzled then Debbie asked, "What's the date, Valerie?"

"Uhh, it should be early May, 2004"

"2004!" they both squealed in surprise.

Debbie said, "God!  It's been almost sixty years since I was last animated."

Donna nodded and said, "It's been over thirty years for me."

I stopped dead and just stared open mouthed at them till Donna shook me and asked, "Valerie, are you feeling well?"

I finally managed to nod and say, "Yeah, I guess so.  I was just surprised by how long you two said you had been mannequins.  You mean that you were mannequins for that long with no break?"

Debbie casually replied, "Oh, Mistress Leta has given us several breaks since she first transformed us into mannequins.  It's just been fifty years since the last time she did so."

"Just how long ago were you first turned into mannequins?"

Debbie got a thoughtful look and replied in a strong cockney accent, "It was the early autumn in the year of our Lord 1778."

Donna said, in an equally strong southern accent," I became one of Mistress Leta's mannequins on the night of September fifth 1867."

"That's a long time, I didn't realize she was that old.  No wonder she didn't think twenty years was a long time."

Donna asked in her 'normal' southern California teenage girl voice, "Is that how long you're gona be one of the Mistress's mannequins?"

I shrugged and said, "I don't know, I thought she agreed to ten years, compared to you two that doesn't seem very long at all."

When Donna and Debbie glanced at each other with similar wry smiles as I said this, I asked, "Why are you two smiling like that?

Donna said, "Well, ten years IS a long time to be one of the Mistress's mannequins, for the first time."

Debbie added, "Most of the people who agree to be one the Mistress's mannequins do so for less then five years."

"LESS then five years!?"

I spotted some boys who seemed a couple of years older then we appeared to be.  They had also spotted us, and they were heading our way.  I suddenly realized my two companions were totally out of date as far as how act around boys today.

Even though I realized probably I wasn't much better informed about modern teenage boy-girl relations I said, "Uh, girls.  It looks like we've attracted the attention of some boys, I'm pretty sure things have changed a whole lot since you two were girls.  Try not to panic if they seem more then a little, forward."

The approaching five boys seemed to be fairly clean-cut types instead of obvious gang-bangers, but I knew appearances could be very deceiving.  As the boys approached I became acutely aware of how short my skirt was and how visible my lacy black bra was through my thin scarlet blouse.  I also wondered about how my makeup looked.  I decide the best thing to do was to ignore the boys as long as I could, so turned to Debbie and Donna and asked, "What movie did you want to see?  Did you have one already picked out?"

Donna said, "Oh, yeah.  I saw one listed in the newspaper that sounded interesting."


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The  Transformation

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