A Mannequin's Life - The Transformation

by V. Du'Arden

(This is the second story in this series)

I had an interesting few hours as a teenage girl hanging out with her girlfriends and some cute boys.  Debbie, Donna and the other girls obviously enjoyed themselves too.  The boy I spent the evening with was probably two years older then I was now and with surprisingly subtle persistence he managed to get all the way to third base.  I was still surprised by how close I came to giving him a blow-job, and I have little doubt I would have if the other girls hadn't been there.

When 1:30 rolled around and it was time for us to head back to Leta's Fashion Emporium I kind of wished I could spend a few hours with Gordy.  I wasn't the only one who wasn't in any hurry to begin our new profession as mannequins.  Debbie and Donna had a lot of fun and would have been willing to spend a day or two to see how things had changed while they were mannequins, but they were also eager to return to what they considered to be their normal state of existence.

Debbie and Donna assured us we would enjoy being mannequins, but that is partially what worries me.  Debbie and Donna loved being mannequins and they admitted they never thought they'd feel the way they do now when they first became mannequins.  I was worried I might come to like being a mannequin so much I'd prefer being a mannequin to being a flesh and blood living person.  Even so, I still wondered what it would really be like to be a mannequin as we made our way back to the Fashion Emporium.

Sandra let us in and as she lead us to the other side of the surprisingly large storeroom she asked, "Did you girls enjoy yourselves?"

Debbie, "Oh, yes."

Donna, "We had a lot of fun.  Yeah, I forgot what it was like to be this young."

Debbie, "I kind of like the way the boys treated us."

Donna, "Yes, me too.  It was nice being treated as equals."

Debbie, "Well, not all of the boys treated us like one of the boys."

Donna, "Of course not, since most if not all of them wanted what men and boys always want."

Sandra chuckled, glanced at me and asked, "Did any young man get lucky?"

I felt my cheeks redden as Debbie and Donna laughed.

Donna said, "That cute one, Billy..."


"Yeah, Gordy almost got Valerie's cherry."

Debbie laughed and said, "Yeah, the way she was all flushed and breathing hard he'd have had her on her back..."

Donna, "Or knees!"

Debbie, "or knees, in no time if we hadn't been around to chaperone her."

Donna, "Yeah, even so, I bet if we could have stayed out till morning, instead of having to be back by 2:00, Valerie would have lost her maidenhood."

I protested, "Hey, I wasn't the only one to, to... Well, you know!"

Donna laughed and said, "No, you weren't the only one, the boys with Diana and Cathy had their hands way up their skirts too.  But you were the only one to start playing with your date's cock.  I thought you were going to slip down between his legs and give him a BJ right there in the theater."

I felt my cheeks glowing as I said, "I, I don't know why I did that, I just... Uhh, I..."

Deb and Donna giggled as Sandra put an arm around me as she said, "Val, Don't let it bother you.  After all, you are a very pretty young woman now, with a young woman's desires.  So it's quite normal to be attracted to a handsome young man."

"But they're right!  I really would have given that boy a blow-job right there in the theater if Donna hadn't stopped me.", I exclaimed in embarrassment.  "I never lost control like that before.  When he said how much he liked blow-jobs, I started wondering what it would be like to do something like that, and, well..."

Sandra hugged me and said, "Don't let it worry you Val."  Then she looked at the other girls and asked, "Well girls, Mistress Leta is ready to begin your transformations so you girls can take your clothes off now."

Sandra led me and the other girls to what looked like a locker room and gave us bathrobes to ware after we undressed.  Although none of us seemed to be in a hurry to undress no one seemed ready to change their minds about letting themselves be turned into mannequins.  Deb and Donna tried to tell us, they kept saying how much they like it, and how much we'd like it too.  But, I kept wondering what it would really be like to become a mannequin.

As she slipped her skirt off Diana asked Sandra, "What will it be like... I mean the actual transformation?

Sandra got kind of a far away look as she said "I can't begin to describe what it's like, there simply isn't anything else like it.  All I can say is it feels good, real good, better then anything else you'll ever experience."

After we all changed into bathrobes, except for Debbie and Donna, Sandra led us out to the 'workshop' where two disassembled mannequins lay on the workbench.  I realized one of the disassembled mannequins was Barbara; her armless torso, from the hips up was sitting up on the workbench, and Ms. Leta seemed to be installing some kind of metal hardware in her left shoulder.  Debbie and Donna headed straight to the workbench and began casually examining the different pieces of hardware while commenting on the new design features and construction materials.

Leta finished installing the shoulder pivot joint in the 'Barbara' mannequin, then looked around at me and the other girls and said, "Sorry girls, I expected to be finished with this before you got back.  But, this 'new improved' hardware design is taking a lot longer to install then the older hardware, although it is a much superior design otherwise.  You girls make yourself comfortable, I'm just about finished installing Barb's and Jennifer's new joints."

She paused to snap a metal base plate in Barbara mannequin's other shoulder and fasten it in place with a half dozen two inch screws.  Then she said, "After I get Barb and Jennifer reassembled I'll animate them, then I'll transform you girls into lovely mannequins.  With Barb's and Jennifer's help We'll have your hardware installed in plenty of time to have all you lovely new mannequins ready and in your displays before the shop opens in the morning."

Lila asked, "Uh, do you have to, to cut us up like that and put those metal things in us?"

Ms. Leta smiled and explained, "Yes, I could do this Magically, but it takes a lot less... power, to do it this way.  And now days it's also easier, to simply have the complex metal hardware manufactured by mundane methods, then install in my mannequins.  After it's installed I can magically merge the metal hardware with my mannequins.  Then, when I animate or transform a mannequin fully into a living human the hardware doesn't have to be re-installed when I de-animate a mannequin or transform a girl back into mannequins again."

My knees felt about ready to fold up under me and I felt a little sick as I managed to ask, "Does it... Will it hurt?"

Ms. Leta patted my shoulder and gave my shoulder a reassuring squeeze as she replied, "Oh, no.  Of course not.  You will be able to feel what I'm doing as I install your hardware, but it won't be at all painful."

"No.  I mean, will it hurt when you turn us into mannequins?"

She gave a small laugh then she hugged me and said, "Ohh, no.  My dear, you will find it to be the most fantastically erotic thing you've ever experienced."

Ms. Leta invited us to examine Barb and Jennifer before she reassembled them.  When she saw how gingerly we handled the plastic mannequin parts, like they were fragile as eggs, she explained, "Girls, these mannequins are made of a very tough plastic that's not at all fragile like the older plaster or fiberglass models.  You'd have a hard time doing them serious damage, even if the magic that made them didn't make them a lot tougher and damage resistant then normal."

Sandra added, as she reassembled Jennifer, "Oh God yes.  These are a lot tougher then the plaster mannequin I was a hundred years ago.  Even with Mistress Leta's magic I kept getting fingers broken off or chipped all the time.  She was kept so busy repairing damage she finally turned all of her new modern plaster mannequins back into wooden mannequins."

As Sandra reassembled Jennifer she giggled and said, "Yeah, then we all got infested with wood-bores and carpenter ants."

Leta snorted and said, "Not for very long!  I took care of that as soon as I found out about it."

Sandra asked, "Wasn't that the time you made the rule that all employees had to be ex-mannequins?"

"That's right.  I decided that if I could not devote full time to any of my stores I could at least make sure the employees cared about the mannequins." Leta replied.
Sandra said, "I don't think I ever saw you so obviously angry as you were then.  What ever happened to William?"

I could see Leta was obviously pissed off at whoever William was, before she said, "That arrogant incompetent shit-head not only allowed my mannequin to become infested with vermin, he had the gall to think he could dispose of the mannequins he allowed to be damaged and replace them with replicas!"

Sandra looked stunned, and exclaimed, "He didn't really do something like that did he!?  Who did he do that to?"

Leta replied, "That ASS threw away Mary-Ann, Mary-Lou, Ginger, and Alex!  He was very, very lucky I was able recover them from the dump before someone used them for firewood.  Some trigger happy dick-head used Alex and Mary-Ann for target practice, they were really a mess when I found them.  It wasn't easy but I finally managed to repair the damage and make them as good as new.  As for that ASS William, I turned him into a real ass and he spent a couple years pulling a plow."

I gasped as said, "You turn a man into a mule, and yea say he was lucky?  I'd really hate to think what yea would'a done ta him if yea was really mad at him."

Leta gave me a cold look and said, "I could have done much, much worse to him if I chose to do so.  I could've left him a mule, or I could have turned him into pig and sent him to slaughter.  Christopher would have done much worse for even less cause."

I asked, "Christopher?  Do you mean..."

"Yes.  Christopher, or Christine, has a very nasty sense of humor to go with a warped sense of justice, and a habit of 'helping' people in totally off the wall unexpected ways.  He, or she now, loves to change arrogant macho-men into..."

I interrupted with, "Big boobed brainless sex hungry bimbos."

Leta looked at me in surprise and asked, "How do you know about that?  Did she tell you?"

I just smiled and said, "Oh, I think I might know a lot about his favorite pastime, if most of isn't BS.  Are you hooked up to the net?"

Leta nodded, pointed to a nearby office, and said, "Yes, there's a terminal in the office."

As I headed to the office I said, "It should take me only a minute to find the 'Spells 'R' Us' archive.  Of course that assumes your old buddy didn't find it and do something to erase it."

About two minutes later I called out, "It's still here.  You got a disc I can download it on?"

Sandra yelled back, "You should find a box of 120 meg super discs in the second drawer from the top, on the right."

After I downloaded the archive and several related sites, took the disc out to Leta and said as I gave it to her, "I think you'll find the stories in the 'Spells 'R' Us' archive interesting, even if most or all of them are just BS."

Leta gave a wry smile as she put the disc in her pocket and said, "Thanks, I think.  I'll browse through this when I get a chance."

A minute or two later Barbara and Jennifer was reassembled and within a seconds they were blinked and then started moving around a bit stiffly with the joint grooves still clearly marking their bodies.  When I managed to tear my eyes away from what was obviously animated mannequins I saw Debbie, Donna and Sandra were eagerly removing their clothes.

As they pulled their panties down I saw all three of them had smooth sexless crotches, just like mannequins, and even before they finished undressing I noticed lines becoming visible around their wrists, shoulders, hips, and left upper thighs.  In seconds these lines darkened and became obvious grooves as their shins took on a slight but noticeable glossy sheen of plastic.  Then, as if on cue, they all assumed a casual stance or pose, and simply stopped moving.

They were frozen in place, like, well, mannequins.

Ms. Leta chuckled as the other girls and I stared open mouthed at the three mannequins Debbie, Donna and Sandra had transformed into within a few seconds, and said, "Girls, since Debbie and Donna didn't want to be real girls, I didn't bother to expend the power it would require to transform them into humans and then back into mannequins.  As I already mentioned, it's much easier to animate a mannequin so it looks and moves like a real person, and de-animating a mannequin is very simple and easy."

Then she chuckled and said, "I bet you didn't realize Donna and Debbie were actually just animated mannequins, and not real live girls."

Stunned, I just muttered, "That's why they never had to piss."

I wasn't the only one staring mesmerized at three mannequins that only seconds ago seemed to be two normal lively teenage girls and a pretty young woman.  Then Leta walked up behind me as I stared at Debbie and Donna and gently rested her hands on my shoulders and softly said, "Donna and Debbie ARE very lovely mannequins, don't you think so Valerie?"

I nodded and whispered, "Yes.  Yes, they are very beautiful."

Ms. Leta continued softly saying, almost whispering, "They ARE so beautiful, so still, so ageless.  Valerie, you WILL be just as lovely, just as still, and just as ageless as Donna, Debbie, and all my other mannequins.  That IS what you desire.  That IS what you want, isn't it Valerie?"

I heard myself hoarsely whisper, "Yes."

Ms. Leta's hands felt so nice warm and gentle as she caressed my neck and shoulders softly whispered, "Yesss, Valerie.  You WILL be as lovely, just as sexy as Debbie, Donna, Sandra and all my other lovely sexy mannequins.  You DO think they are sexy, don't you Valerie?"

As I stared at the still motionless mannequins Debbie, Donna and Sandra became I nodded, drew a ragged breath and whispered, "Ohhh, yesss.  Yes they're sooo sexy."

Then she began unbuttoning my blouse, but when I moved to help her Ms. Leta stopped me and saying ,"No, my dear Valerie.  You WANT to be a lovely sexy still mannequin too, don't you Valerie?"

I nodded and whispered, "Yesss."

She kissed my cheek and said, "Mannequins just hold their lovely still poses while they are dressed or undressed by their Dresser.  So, dear Valerie, you just stand as still as the lovely mannequin you WANT to be and let me undress you like a real mannequin you WILL soon be."

I stood as still as I could while Ms. Leta slipped off my robe and then gently lovingly caressed every part of my body.  In a short time my nearly hairless virginal pussy was so drenched it made my labia look wet and slick, and my swollen stiff nipples felt about ready to pop.  Ms. Leta hummed an odd little tune while she slowly, gently caressed my body.  Everywhere she caressed my body her touch left a lovely warm tingling sensation.  I soon realized it was much easier to stand as still and motionless as a mannequin.

Then she kissed my neck and whispered, "You can have your desire Valerie.  I can grant your desire, your wish to be as lovely, as still, as ageless as Donna and Debbie.  I can make you into a still lovely mannequin just like Donna and Debbie and all my other mannequins.  You DO wish to be a lovely still motionless mannequin, don't you Valerie?  Becoming a beautifully motionless mannequin is ALL you desire, is ALL you have ever desired, isn't it Valerie?"

I felt surprise at the thrill of excitement, of pure joy I felt at the idea of becoming a beautiful lovely motionless mannequin like Donna and Debbie.  I suddenly realized how absurd the fear and dread I felt about becoming a lovely mannequin was.  I realize how much I wanted to be a beautiful still mannequin like Donna and Debbie.

Leta repeated, "Valerie, you DO wish to become a lovely still mannequin like Debbie and Donna, don't you Valerie?"

I nodded as I excitedly said, "Ohh yes, yes, yes!"

Leta whispered in my ear as her wonderfully warm gentle hands caressed my thighs, buttocks, and nearly hairless teenage crotch.  "It WOULD be so wonderful to give up the effort, the burden of movement, of life, and become a lovely motionless lifeless mannequin.  Moving IS so hard to do all the time, and takes far, far too much effort.  You really DO wish to stop moving, to just stand forever motionless, and never need to move ever again.  You wish more than anything else to just stand unmoving as people admire you and the lovely, lovely clothes you WILL be wearing.  Valerie, the ONLY thing you desire is to be one of my lovely beautiful mannequins and be always dressed in lovely beautiful clothes."

Leta caressed my belly, breasts and crotch as she gently turned me around to face her, and as I gazed deeply into her beautiful glowing blue eyes she said, "Valerie, you wish with all your heart and soul to be one of my lovely beautiful mannequins, don't you Valerie?"

I groaned with desire, and said, "Ohh, yess!  Yes, yes, yess!"

Ms. Leta gave me a beautiful smile, softly kissed my cheek and asked, "Valerie, dear Valerie, what do you desire more then anything, more then life itself?"

I shivered as the emotion of powerful desires swept through me as I hoarsely replied, "I, I wish to be a beautiful still mannequin like Donna and Debbie.  I'm so tried of moving, moving, moving all the time, it would be so wonderful to be a still motionless mannequin and NEVER have to move again.  Please, please Ms... Mistress Leta, grant me my wish, make me into one of your wonderful lovely mannequins, please."

Then Mistress Leta stepped back and let the loose work smock she was wearing drop down from around her shoulders.  She was naked beneath the light cotton smock and I could only stand and stare as my loving beautiful Mistress underwent a wondrous transformation.  The soft warm skin of her body took on a the slightly shiny sheen of plastic as grooves marking her mannequin joints appeared around her wrists, shoulders, hips, and thighs, and her already hairless crotch became mannequin smooth and sexless.  Within a few seconds Mistress Leta had transformed herself from a beautiful woman into an even more beautiful mannequin in all ways except she still had the power of movement.

Mistress Leta gently turned and moved me to stand in front of a huge nearby wall mirror where I could see myself and everything around me in its reflection.  Her touch now had the cool hard feel of plastic instead of warm living flesh, and her touch felt so fantastically erotic as she caressed my soft warm flesh.

While Mistress Leta lovingly caressed me and whispered to me I hadn't noticed Barbara and Jennifer, still obviously animated mannequins, setting up a mannequin stand -- my mannequin stand.  Now I saw it for the first time, a beautiful chromed flat metal base with a shiny adjustable rod rising up from the center of the base.  Attached to the top of the rod was what appeared to be a five inch long pinkish-tan thing with a smooth rounded tip and a thin flared bottom.

Looking from my mannequin stand I found I couldn't find my voice and could only stare at Mistress Leta and her mannequins, the most beautiful beings I ever beheld.  Then Mistress Leta spoke in the most beautiful musical voice I ever heard.  Her lips didn't move, but then I knew no lips could ever form such prefect sounds.

Mannequin Mistress Leta pronounced, "Valerie, ALL that you are, and ALL that you were will be washed away this night.  From this night forward you will never again know sickness or pain or fear growing old.  From this night forward you know the peace and serenity of stillness.  From this night forward you WILL BE my lovely Valerie mannequin."

As Mistress Leta spoke I slowly realized I couldn't move, I couldn't even blink, but my heart still beat and I still breathed.  I felt surge of pure joy at this discovery, and I awaited with anticipation the completion of my transformation into a lovely perfect mannequin.

Mistress Leta came up to stand behind me where I could clearly see the difference between her lovely perfect cool plastic body and my own dull soft fleshy body.  In comparison to her lovely plastic body I felt a surge of disappointment, of distaste at the appearance of my obviously still soft human body.

Mistress Leta's wonderful cool plastic lips kissed my neck and shoulder as she reached out to pluck off the pinkish-tan plastic thing from the rod of my mannequin stand.  She used it to lightly caress my buttocks, the crack of my ass and my thighs  Then she caressed over and over again my soaking wet slit with the plastic thing until it glistened with my abundant juices.  After it was almost dripping wet Mistress Leta moved it behind me and I felt her push it deep into my ass.  I couldn't help gasping and groaning with the thrill of erotic delight this invasion of my ass sent surging through me.

I felt a thrill of pure joy when Mistress Leta's musical voice saying, "Soon little one.  Soon, you will be one of us.  Soon, you will see yourself becoming the lovely mannequin you so desire to be."

My young teenage breasts throbbed almost painfully as my nipples swelled even bigger then they already were.  I felt, and actually saw a trickle of moisture leaking from my hot virgin pussy and dribble down my thigh as Barbara and Jennifer picked me up and gently lowered me onto my mannequin stand.  I actually had an orgasm, an unbelievably intense orgasm as I felt the tip of the support rod on my stand slide into a hole in the dildo like object Mistress Leta shoved up my ass.  After Barbara slipped simple clear plastic pumps with about three inch heels on my feet, she and Jennifer stood back as Mistress Leta began posing my paralyzed body.

As Mistress Leta carefully adjusted the position of my arms, legs, and body I found I had no trouble holding whatever position she posed me in.  She obviously knew just how she wished to pose me; it soon became clear I was going to be casually leaning back on, or against, some low support like a desk or shelf or chair.  My left leg was slightly bent while right leg was lifted so my right foot raised about eight or ten inches off the floor, as though resting on a stair step or something.  My left arm bent with my hand resting on my thigh, almost on my hip.  My right arm was slightly behind me as though I was leaning back on whatever object I was supposed to be leaning against.  Once she had my body and limbs posed to her satisfaction Mistress Leta turn my head a few degrees to the right and slightly tilted.

When she said, "Valerie, give me a sweet teenage girl flirting smile." I found I had no trouble complying with her direction.

Then Mistress Leta made a few slight adjustments to my expression and pose, before slowly walked around my stiffly posed body, and making a few more small changes to my pose or expression.  I noticed how Barbara and Jennifer stood totally motionless and unblinking all during the minutes Mistress Leta spent getting my pose just right.

After Mistress Leta was totally satisfied with the perfection of my pose she stood behind me with her cool hard plastic hands on my shoulders, and begun to chant in her wonderful musical voice.  My whole body begin to tingle in a most pleasantly erotic way, and some kind of odd throbbing pressure began to build up within my motionless body.  The tingling and throbbing pressure became more and more intense until something seemed to burst within my totally motionless body.  I realized I just experienced an orgasm without moving a single muscle, then again and again this pressure built up till another and another motionless orgasm soundlessly explode throughout my body.  Each time I came my vision, hearing, and other senses faded out longer and longer each time.

I soon lost all track of time as well as everything else beyond the intensely powerful sensations of my own body.  Then I slowly realized the tingling throbbing internal pressure had built up far beyond anything I've felt so far with being released in another soundless motionless orgasm.  Even though by all external appearances nothing at all had changed or occurred since Mistress Leta finished posing me and began chanting, I felt as though I was about to actually literally explode.

As I waited to explode I barely realized I wasn't breathing, then I noticed my previously pounding heart was now still and silent.  I saw with joyous ecstasy that as Mistress Leta slowly caressed my arms, my warm soft human flesh took on the same slightly shiny plastic-like sheen as her own plastic hands.  I watched as my hands and arms were transformed into a nice even shade of cool hard brown plastic.  Then her wonderful transforming hands gliding up and down over my back from my shoulders to buttocks.  I couldn't see it but I knew my back was turning into the same cool hard plastic that my arms and hands already were.

After transforming my back Mistress Leta continued on to caress and transform the rest of my buttocks, hips, thighs, legs, and feet into plastic.  Then her hands glided up and down my sides, slowly working around my body to my belly and chest, leaving beautiful hard plastic where ever they touched.  As Mistress Leta caressed and cupped each of my perky teenage breasts I saw them turned into forever firm lovely plastic before her hands slowly slipped down my the front of my torso to my soaking, dripping wet slit.  Her cool plastic hands cupped and seemed to linger over my hot wet virginal pussy before moving on to reveal the smooth sexless crotch of a mannequin.  From my now smooth sexless, but still shiny wet crotch Mistress Leta's hands smoothly glided up and around my plastic sides and back to my neck, head, and face to complete my transformation into cool hard plastic.

My now lovely glassy lifeless bright blue eyes stared, as at the gentle touch of Mistress Leta's hands lines appeared around my right wrist, quickly became a deep grooves.  Then, she added one joint at a time to completed my transformation into a perfect plastic mannequin.  After the last joint, the one just above the widest point of my hips appeared, Mistress Leta stood back and admired her newly created mannequin, Valerie.

Even though I saw and felt Mistress Leta transform me into the lovely perfect mannequin I now saw reflected in the mirror I could barely believe it was really me, that I really was such a beautiful mannequin.  I was so lost in the ecstasy of my transformation I was barely aware of Barbara lifting my now much lighter plastic body off my stand and carrying me toward the workbench.  Although I was still feeling the ecstasy of actually being a mannequin I became fully aware of my surroundings when Mistress Leta spoke to me.

She said, "Dear lovely Valerie, you really are such a lovely, lovely mannequin.  When your joint and mounting hardware is installed you will be all finished and ready to put to on display."

I soon discovered the grooves marking my joints was just simple grooves, not actual mannequin pivot joints, when Jennifer used tool a like a giant wire cheese cutter to cut my plastic body apart.  I could feel the thin wire cutting through my limbs and body, but as Mistress Leta said, it wasn't at all painful or even uncomfortable.  It did feel very odd to be cut up and have my body parts casually laid out on the workbench.  As Jennifer sat my armless legless torso on the work bench I saw Mistress Leta looked like a normal living woman again and she was whispering in Diana's ear as she caressed her shoulders, neck and back.

As I sat on the workbench I heard a soundless 'voice' saying, "Welcome to our family Valerie.  I'm sure you'll want to see Mistress Leta transform your friends into beautiful mannequins, so I sit your torso up here so you can watch, while I install your hardware."  I realized the 'voice' belonged to Jennifer who was installing my hardware, and who also looked like a plastic mannequin.

I was a bit surprised to find I could still feel my disassembled parts as Jennifer carefully carved the insets into the plastic of my body to receive the various pieces of hardware.  It still wasn't painful, but I was able to feel exactly what Jennifer was doing as she installed my pivot joints and mounting hardware.  Jennifer had only finished installing my shoulder joints when Barbara carried Diana over to the workbench and began cutting her plastic body part as Jennifer had cut apart mine.  By the time Jennifer finished installing my hardware Mistress Leta had transformed Diana, Katie, Karen and Lila into lovely mannequins and she was just beginning the transformation of Amy.

I felt surge of joyous ecstasy when Jennifer finished installing my hardware and reassembled me on my stand as a completed mannequin.  After Amy's transformation Jennifer cut apart her plastic body and began installing her hardware as I stood on my stand watching.  In a short time all the girls had been transformed and their parts were all laid out on the workbench to have their hardware installed.

After all the girls were transformed, I was moved out to the new Young Teen Section were I will be displaying many lovely clothes for the next ten years with all the other beautiful mannequins of Mistress Leta's lovely apparel shop.  While I was being mounted in my display and dressed I discovered the touch of warm living flesh against my cool hard plastic body felt so fantastically good it triggered a whole series of wonderful motionless 'mannequin' orgasms.  A touch of warm flesh anywhere on my body would trigger an orgasm, but having my breasts or smooth sexless crotch caressed triggered dozens of orgasms that continued long after the triggering caress ended.  The touch of clothing on my body was also very pleasurable.

I was set up leaning against a dresser in a bedroom scene, along with Amy and Cathy to show off the latest in teenage bedclothes.  I was dressed in a pair of medium heeled hot-pink bedroom slippers, a pair of darker hot-pink panties, and a frilly lacy short teddy that was transparent enough to hide very little, except for a rather narrow band across my bra-less breasts.  I thought the teddy was a rather adult design, but it was very pretty.

Sandra, dressing me, said, "Yes, I think this is a bit too blatantly sexy for a thirteen to fifteen year girl too, but times change as does what is acceptable.  Such adult designs are very popular with the younger teenage girls who can talk their parents into buying them."

When I realized Sandra was carrying on a conversation with me despite the fact I hadn't and couldn't say a word she said, "Well love, 'listening' is a skill you pickup after you've been a mannequin for a while.  It's a skill Mistress Leta feels is necessary to work in any of her shops.  Maybe after thirty or forty years you can work in one of Mistress Leta's shops, if you ever wish to give up being a full-time mannequin."

As I stood perfectly posed and motionless in my display I suddenly realize I had not felt any desire at all to move since Mistress Leta made me into a lovely mannequin.  In fact, now that the thought occurred to me, I realize I really didn't remember how to move.  This was a weird feeling since I know I used to know how to move, but now I simply couldn't see how I ever did such a thing.  I also can't understand why I would ever desire to move when it's so much better just to simply exist -- to look pretty and wear beautiful clothes.

About a half hour before the store was to open a half dozen new employees arrived, whom Mistress Leta made a point of introducing to me.  A few minutes before Leta's Fashion Emporium was due to open its doors for business I was surprised to see Mistress Leta herself dressed in a very sexy lingerie ensemble over in the adult lingerie section, on the other side of the wide display room.  She and Sandra casually assumed classic sexy mannequin poses before fully transforming into very sexy lingerie display figures.  Within an instant they froze stiffly in position and did not move again. I noticed Mistress Leta took a pose from which she could observe the entire new Young Teen Section with her glassy gaze.

It was surprising and comforting for me to see Mistress Leta becoming just another lovely and very sexy mannequin in her own shop.  I knew I had found a home and a family in Leta's Fashion Emporium -- I would probably never willingly leave.


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