by Paul G. Jutras

Samantha was home watching daytime TV when she notice a commercial for the department store that her boyfriend, Paul worked. Seemed that they were expanding the store and opening a new branch across town. That was when she heard the phone ring. It was Paul from the new store inviting her to lunch. Since her day job as a model and his night job as a window dresser meant very little time to see one another, she excepted any time they could be together.

"Listen, Paul. I've love to work with you, but I don't think I can pull that off. I never did any type of mannequin modeling before."

"I mentioned that to my boss. He's seen your work on TV commercials and in magazines. He wants you to come around the new store around six and everything
will be gone over."

Samantha paused for a moment. The last few dates they had, Paul seemed to be getting board with her. As much as she loved him, there was more than he was telling gleaming in his eye. She knew that he was up to something and figured to play along until she found out what was up. If this meant a bonus as well as a paycheck so much the better."I'll be there."


Saturday morning came quickly and Samantha knew she had to be ready for whatever might happen between her and Paul that night. And, although she loved him very much for some reason she didn't trust him. Going over to her bookcase she pulled the middle book and watched it swing out. Inside was a large pot along with selves full of herb jars.

Her usual routine of a light breakfast was postpone by her mixing up a magical spell to see that nothing happened to her. She wondered what Paul would think
when he found himself in her body and with only her able to change them back.

Upon arrival at the store, Samantha walked around the main entrance and stared at the window mannequins lit up by spot lights at night. It was exactly six '0 clock when she knocked on the door.

"Glad you could make it." Paul let her in, then locked the doors back up. "Did you have trouble finding the new store?"

"Not at all. I saw the commercials for it on televsion giving the address."

"Welcome Samantha, I'm Darbie Dancer." The voice of a young woman sounded confidant and controling. She looked made up and quite pleasing to the eye. Her beauty made Sam feel a little jealous at her appearance in her skirt, blouse, garder, slip and heels. Especially the way Paul followed her wiggling butt as she walked.

"Have a drink, Paul." Samantha pulled out a bottle and pair of glasses from her purse. "I figured we should drink to our working together."

"Let's me explain how we think you'll pass as a living doll. I'll do your make up, and Paul will get you dressed like you were any other mannequin." Darbie explained. "We have this formula that we'll inject into you to give your skin a plastic appearance. We also have a special robotic disk that will move your body about the window display."

Samantha looked at her watch. 6:15. It wouldn't be long before the magical drink she and Paul both took would cause them to switch bodies.

Samantha followed Paul and Darbie into the storeroom. "The first step is to give you the formula. Since the formula makes you a bit stiff, you might want to remove your clothes now. It'll make it easier on Paul to dress you later."

Samantha nodded and did just that. As she took off her clothes, she handed them to Darbie, who put them away on a series of hangers. All the attention made Samantha start to feel special. The cold room made her nipples go erect.

"This won't hurt a bit." Darbie said as she shot the upper arm. "Please sit down so I can do your make up."

Darbie started with some eye liner and eye shadow. She then put on some bright lipstick that made Samantha look sexy and that she had erotic thoughts.

"Okay, please stand up and remain standing." Darbie ordered. "You can relax while you start to feel stiff, but we want standing for the final pose."

"Should be any time now." Paul thought as she smiled at Samantha. As he turned to walk away his left foot moved but his right remained rooted in place. "Huh?" Paul thought as he felt a tingling sensation pass up through his body. He felt that his feet was bare and his toes seemed to be fusing together like Darbie said would happen to Samantha. Before he could look down to see what was happening his body remain frozen in place. His eyes stayed on a fixed glare straight ahead.

"How is going, Samantha?" Paul heard his own voice as he saw Darbie and himself step in front of him. The New Paul stepped up and whispered in his frozen air. "Glad you shared that body changing drink with me, honey.  I look forward to dressing you into something sexy this morning."

"Come on Paul." Darbie took him by the arm and lead him out of the room. "It won't be until morning that she will be 100% plastic..."

"Sure thing." Samantha smiled at her former, frozen body as she watched her the sex of her former crotch fade into a smooth sexless doll's crotch.


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