Turnabout Mannequin, Part 3&4

by Paul Jutras

(This is the conclusion of Turnabout Mannequin; parts 3 and 4 are combined here.  To read Part1 or Part2, click on the appropriate link.   Ed.)

In the back, a truck was park just outside the store's back doors. Paul could feel another pole enter his female sex. Something he had gotten use to as he stared at his refection in a mirror and watched Samantha in his body undress him. He couldn't help but feel arousal at the site on his perfect breasts and sexless crotch.

"May I see the merchandise." A man asked as he stepped up and tapped on Paul's eyes and saw some sign of life behind it frozen glare. "My country will pay big money if step two of your system works."

"What could he mean step 2?" Paul worried.

With the pole up his sex, Paul suddenly felt increasing pleasure as Samantha unscrewed his butt plug. When air rushed in, he couldn't stop the orgasm. The air was quickly blocked by a hose up the plug that inserted something that felt good.

"These micro-robots will soon take over what's left of her brain and body. She'll be your personal pleasure doll, to do with as you please."

"What would happen if someone who hadn't had stage 1 got injected?" His eyes shifted to Darbie.

"They'd instantly become paralyzed, like you will be." Samantha moved behind Darbie and injected her in the butt. She'll barely had time to feel the needle when her muscles tensed up. Her vocal cords couldn't speak.

"Very good, Paul." The man smiled as he went over to examine the device in Samantha's manly hands. Before she could react, his goons grabbed her from behind.

"Guess you women didn't expect me to tap into the store cameras to watch step 1 for myself. I saw the drink you gave your boyfriend to switch bodies with him." As the men started to strip Paul's frozen body, the buyer poured a freezing drink down Samantha's throat. In seconds she found she could not move at all either. "This will turn you back into a twin of your former lovely self.  Magic is second nature to my people."

"Three special new dolls for my people." The Buyer grinned as he noticed that the sex did not disppear on his two newest girls. His men then filled up both their sexes with a vibrator.

Meanwhile the doll formerly known as Paul had his breasts stroke before he was placed aboard a crate with the other two. Paul could feel Samantha's hand against her sex while their breasts rubbed against one another.  He made him incredible hot. When Darbie was place on top of them both, he thought he would loose his mind with feelings of pleasure.

Aboard the company jet, the buyer had his new dolls taken from the crate and placed into skin toned cat suits that enhanced their ankles and breasts and made Darbie and Samantha look sexless. They were then each put in a different color bikini and turkish trousers.

"Plug them in!" The Buyer ordered as they were put in seats and had helmets lowered over their heads. With the visors down they could not see. "The audio and video programs will re-write your brains so you can be mobile again."

Paul could feel a tear run down his face. First his manhood lost and he couldn't see things getting worse till he saw the images of him in the catsuit at the leash of a master.

Samantha and Darbie was getting a similiar treatment to be perfect pleasure dolls. Images of blow jobs and kneeling for their master's command.

Soon the plane landed in a private airport. As they stepped out of the plane, they felt a cool breeze on their mid sections. They felt like the cat suit wasn't even on them.

"Where are you taking us, master?" Paul asked as their buyer chained their arms behind their back and took them into a club. He found calling a man 'master' strange but he could not keep from saying it.

"Did you think I was going to just add you three to my harem?" The man chuckled as a pair of guys looked the girls over. "I have enough women and my people love american women."

"The twins should sell nicely, Mr. Motochu." The Buyer said as Motochu undid his belt and pants. "Kneel and take it." he ordered as Darbie gave him a blow job.

"You'd better get them ready for sale." The Buyer said as he ran his hand over Samantha's pussy. She could feel the cat suit invade her and send shimmering passion through her body. He then pointed to Paul. "That one has had step one."

A pole attached to a platform on wheels was pulled back stage. Paul then had the pole inserted into his sex hole as in the past. The other girls had poles planted up their butts until they were also held in position.   A simple spell turned them still and immobile as mannequins once more.

The auction went straight through the evening with the bids getting higher and higher with each girl. Especially when Samantha and Paul was brought out, since everyone wanted to buy them both as a 'matched set'.

A young married man in his 30s purchased Darbie and ordered her and his wife to the car. Sam was bought by a single man in his 20s and soon found herself following on auto-pilot. Paul was bought by a teenager who had been saving his money for his own pleasure slave for years.

Paul was taken straight to the guy's bedroom and was ordered to kneel on the bed. She looked up at him hesitating with his eyes lowered in respect. He knew the programing had him smile at his new master like a slut. As he sat on the end of the bed, he touched Paul's sex area and a shudder went through him.

With Feline grace, Paul moved over and looked like he was purring into the teens ear. Even as a mannequin, he never felt so helpless and under someones control. The kid whispered in his ear. "I'm glad I saved enough money for you to be upgraded to stage 3."

"Stage 3?" Paul thought worriedly, but unable to express his feelings.

The teen picked up a phone as he ran his hand over Paul's breast. "Hello, Robodolls? I'd like my pleasure doll to be upgrade to stage 3. Yes, we'll be in the morning."

"Robodoll?" Paul thought worried. "I wonder if Samantha and Darbie is having the same thing done to them. Not that Sam doesn't deserve it."


The following morning, the teenage master brought Paul down to Robodolls Inc. He snuggled his masters neck as he signed him in and then ran his arms on his
chest and cock as they sat waiting their turn.

Finally the doctor came out with a table on wheels. "Please pose for me on the table."The master ordered as she leapt up and made a pose like a showgirl. "The doctor will take good care of you, so obey his orders."

Paul was wheeled down the hall. As he passed several waiting room with other love dolls waiting for upgrade, he saw Samantha standing on a pedestal like a mannequin in one and Darbie being wheeled into an OR room. Though he couldn't move his mouth to smile, he was smiling on the inside that they'd get the same treatment.

In the operation room, the doctor gave Paul an injection in the hip. Soon he felt sleepy and blacked out. After which the doctor began to carve into his body. If he
was awake, he probably could of escaped his lovedoll prison, but that wasn't the case as the doctors replaced his biological systems with circuits.

"It is done." The doctor said 2 hrs later. He then turned as Paul walked gracefully out. His body still looked like Samantha, but was completely silver in color, including the now stiff hair on his head. His eyes losted its pupils but Pauls vision still seemed normal to him. To finish things off, his feet had been perminately stuck
inside a pair of boots with six inch heels.

"What is it able to do?" The master asked.

"Besides its original pleasure program, it can clean, cook, any task you ask of her." The doctor said as the teenager walked up to Paul. "Go to the can and wait while I pay the bill."

"Y.E.S. M.A.S.T.E.R." Paul noticed how artifical his voice had become. Still a bit  feminine sounding, but different than Samantha's voice.

As his robot body turned and walked away, he noticed his former girlfriend through the corner of his eye. She was sitting in a room now, her body and head as silverly as his while being hooked up to a computer that downloaded her new programs into her system.

The teenage master drove his love robot home and find that his mother washing the floor. "Mom, you don't have to do that anymore." He turned to Paul. "Get to work."

Paul stood for a moment as his thoughts processed the command. He then couldn't stop himself from getting down on hands and knees by the wash bucket. He quickly did that chore, then was ordered to go to his masters room and make his masters bed and cleaned his room. Dispite all the work he did, he wasn't tired at all. His new robotic systems kept him going on full power without the need of food or the use of a bathroom.

At the same time, Darbie found herself in a classic french maid's outfit doing as much of her master's wife's work as she did to please her master at night. Every once in awhile the kinky wife made it a 3-way with her husband and his robo doll.

Samantha found heself still mostly used as a sex doll, but she was ordered to clean her masters pool, cook and serve at her masters parties. Samantha remembered how it was to be a guest at such parties when she was an independant career woman. She couldn't help but think of the irony that she was the lovely servant that Paul had wanted her to become in the first place. How she didn't manage to turn the tables after all...

As time went on, Paul and the others looked forward to when it was time for their up keep. Being polished and taken apart to be cleaned inside and out was the most erotic and pleasurable experience they had ever felt. Although they all resented what was originally done to them, it was well worth the pleasurable orgasms they felt every night in bed and every month during their monthly up keep.


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