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What makes a good android story?

(Based on my response on the Fembot Central Message board to Andoroido's question about what factors are important to an android, and listing a bunch of possibilities.) I answered as follows:

Things that must be mostly true for a story to have maximum sexy-android-story impact on me, and will probably be true in any story like this that I write:

1. A gynoid is your property. (Well, someone's; needn't be mine)
2. A gynoid will do anything you want. (although not necessarily without hesitation, reluctance, or misinterpretation)
3. A gynoid is always loyal to its owner
4. A gynoid is always beautiful.
6. A gynoid can be controlled.
13. A gynoid can be turned off.

Things interesting because of the above, but not otherwise:

15. A gynoid is usually not jealous of your independence, or outside social
contacts (friends, late night parties, etc.)
25. Gynoids live to please.

Things that I think could contribute to the sexiness of a story, if used well for that purpose:

11. If a gynoid does malfunction, it can be repaired to perfection.
12. If a gynoid "dies" it can be replaced by a backup copy.
20. You can have 2 gynoids.
22. A gynoid can be made to look like the girl you were always too shy to ask out.
27. A gynoid is often dependent on you.

Things that I mostly just don't think about when reading or writing (guess this means 'not important'):

5. A gynoid doesn't get old, keeping a young appearance.
7. A gynoid is a "low maintenance" companion (as far as flowers, etc.) - Well, flowers and attention it doesn't need, but it may need other kinds of maintenance... I'd say this isn't important
8. A gynoid can't have babies.
9. A gynoid probably won't have sexually tranmitted diseases.
10. A gynoid doesn't get sick.
14. A gynoid can do anything in bed.
16. A gynoid's appearance can be altered to suit your whim.
19. Gynoids are not very self-conscious or easily embarrassed about clothing choices (or lack of clothing)
23. A gynoid doesn't need to be asked out (first contact is often by some kind of accident in the stories here) (I'm not sure what you mean by this)
26. Gynoids can serve as maids.
29. Gynoids don't play mind games.

Things I wouldn't particularly expect or want to be so, even in a story:

17. A gynoid always is pleased with your performance in bed.
18. A gynoid is often so pleased she short-circuits, "proving" your sexual skills. (Ugh. But we've covered that.)
21. A gynoid can assume any form that turns you on, some of which may be embarrassing, impractical, or even illegal.
28. A gynoid usually behaves rationally, and predictably.
30. Gynoids make the ultimate "damsel in distress" for some. - this one confuses me... why should one seek to rescue a machine? Not to denigrate; I just don't understand.
24. A gynoid always has a nice personality, or no personality... but never a "bitchy" personality.
- I've had a story idea or two involving a gynoid with a bitchy personality... I just don't think I could write bitchy.

Hmm. I think that touches on a core principle that really is at the heart of the all of the eight principles on Andoroido's list that I felt were important, though I'd never thought to phrase it this way:

An android does not choose whether or not to commit to you.

She is programmed to be committed to her owner and his desires, and that's that. She doesn't choose her owner; a person buys or builds her and that person IS her owner. She may be programmed to like him, or she may be programmed with a personality that may like or dislike him depending on their compatibility (as a real woman might). She may not be independent enough to have an opinion about him, or being owned by him. She could even be programmed to dislike him, and resent his power over her, if that's what he wanted. But where committment is concerned, her feelings (if any) don't matter - she is committed to her owner, period, and remains until he deliberately changes it. Even if he neglects her, or uses her inefficiently, or treats her in ways she doesn't like, she is still his property and cannot choose to be otherwise.

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