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 This is the main page for the Legacy of Timeless Beauty.  This page will highlight the latest stories in the archive for the year to make it easier for you to find them quickly.

 The oldest entries have been removed from this page to a yearly history page but remain on the normal by-author pages.  Additional index pages have been added; #4 in 2002 and #5 in 2006.

 A writer's group has been started to discuss the craft and techniques involved. However, there has been very little message activity recently and it is not clear whether the moderator is active any longer or not.

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23-Dec-2013 new! Zero & FreezAntix & Tek

Clockwork Crisis - Part 1 - Flashpoint

(Merry Christmas!) new! Zero Happy Anniversary Freezing Up the House
  new!   Erika's School Days  
  new! Shadedsun

Dream Weaver - Origins & Dreams : Wishes

Dream Weaver - Origins & Dreams : The First Dream
  new!   Dream Weaver - Origins & Dreams : The Second Dream Dream Weaver - Origins & Dreams : The Third Dream
  new! Leem Interlude in Bronze The Last Rose
  new!   Museum Peace  
  new! Window Dressee Her Perfect Day The Greatest Day
  new! MadBirdCZ Snap Those Fingers
  new! Johnsan Petra's Magical Birthday Surprise  
  new! Commodore Never Play With Magic  
  new! Dmuk & Nate_Walis & PoseMe Writer's Christmas Toy Box : Pressing On  
  new! Dmuk Fine Art of Homage  
  star turquoise Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse Wiki : timelines, character profiles, and more... updated  
10-Nov-2013 previous FreezAntix & Zero Return to Stillsville  
31-Oct-2013 previous Shadedsun new! Change of Lifestyle Happy Halloween
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Perfect Subject
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  previous bububub2(new) Curses and Misfortune  
  previous Commodore Making A Super Realistic Sex Toy
  previous Baobab Office Romance  
  star turquoise Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse Wiki : timelines, character profiles, and more... updated  

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